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Name: Dousokai (Alumni Association) (54.44% in 9 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Fairy Tale
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: Nymph

"I love you...", those days I couldn't even say these words, maybe it's a lack of bravery but now I want to show you how I still feel about you...

One day an invitation arrives from a friend who was with you in the tennis club when you were in middle school. It is an invitation to the reunion of the tennis club members. You have one week. You can either go for your first love, or find another love, or become a cupid for others... it's your choice. The story is good. Everything that happens in the game are just good. There are all romantic, funny, sad stories in the game. You can say that this game is like dokyusei, since each girls have different stories and you are the one who makes them, but this game has more deeper stories...

H Content:
There aren't many H-Pics in this game but they are all pretty! Each characters has around 3, 4 H-Scenes. Since you only have one week little amount of H-Scenes can be quite reasonable. Quality than Quantity.

The graphics are amazing! since it's 256 color it's kind of obvious to be more beautiful but it would be still good even if it was 16 color. I love the face changing while talking and all the CGs are just beautiful.

The sound in this game is also good. If you're lucky enough to have the full CD version, you would be able to listen to the sounds by CD not MIDI. But the MIDI musics are still good.

You can save basically any time when you are in the map mode. But some people don't know how to save it so I'll say it here. Click on the star to save the game on the map mode. Since most people are probably running the ripped ver. the errors you would have should be some dll errors but this is kind of easy to fix so it wouldn't matter. And my advice is, don't play this game unless you have the save files or can understand Japanese. You would even have hard times going onto the next day (if you played it you would understand). But this kind of brings out advantages since you have lots of time.

Game Play:
It has a good story line so even though it can look like dokyusei's clone (also the title). I'll say looking for people can be kind of annoying but it's worth it.

There is a Sound Mode which is obviously for listening to the music and an Album Mode where you can look at the pics including the non-h.

Rating: 94%
This is simply one of the best H-Games that are available!
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