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Name: Descendents of Tokiiro (40.00% in 2 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: CD Bros
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: Taku

Kenichi,a probationary Shinto priest, goes to Daikoku-so as a caretaker. Daikoku-so is a training house for a miko (a maiden in the sersive of a shrine). And some girls,who are candidates for a miko, goes there to practice. He will be having various experiences while living with them.

Here's the prologue. "Once upon a time the world was chaotic state. Those who had special abilities were born in chaos. Some of them helped human being, gave a guidance to people, and were revered as god. Others gave destructions and disasters, and were feared as devils. But what were born in chaos were not only god and devil, also shinma(godevil...?), which had a figure of a god and a heart of a devil. And Shinma were feared as conductors of confusion. YamataNoOrochi,the king of shinma, demanded sacrifices(maidens) from people, but was beaten by Susanoo. As a result shinma were shut up under the ground, and lost their ability. However, shinma is reviving now."

The story is simple. What you must do are to beat shinma with the girls. By the time you fight against YamatoNoOrochi, you will(must) certainly fall in love with one of them. But I think girls are too many for you to have enough talks with them, or the scenario is too short.

H Content:
You can have 2 H-scenes with each girl, and there is about 4 pictures in each H-scene. Mostly you will reach an ending be related to a girl with who you have H twice.

The opening movie is very beautiful, and is the only good picture. The others of pictures are commonplace. But pictures of girls being seriously wounded is impressive. When you see a shinma, you may think the prologue is mistake. Because a shinma has ugly shape, and it looks like a devil.

While you wander in the training house Daikoku-so and around the waterfall nearby, communicate with girls.

To our regret in battle scene you don't have to think how to fight and move your mouse; you have only to click. Since you cannot skip messages which you have already read, you must click many many times to reach all ending. It was agony for me not to be able to skip them.

Rating: 61%
In the appreciation mode you can see all pictures which you saw once. There is not music mode. I heard that some famouse voice acter and actress appeared. If you have time enough, won't you play Tokiiro.
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