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Name: Chiemi: Premium 2 (70.00% in 3 votes)
Type: STG
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Red
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: HnN

The second in the series titled "Premium". The first was titled "Naomi" and was some sort of horror/suspense. In this one, you play a stewardess on an airplane.

Story: 60%
There are three different scenarios. None of them with that great of a story. Its pretty evident that this game has primary emphasis on the H rather the story part. The story changes depending on which scenario you choose. Each scenario also has a few possible endings so there are quite a few possible endings, accounting for the relative high score in this area. You end up on a different plane depending on which scenario you choose. Each are of different lengths, ie: one scenario is rather short, another medium length, and a really long one. You'll conduct an interview with the director in the beginning and how you answer her questions determines which path you take.

H Content: 85%
This is a game where the story is shaped to fit the H endings. There are quite a bit of it and all are pretty explicit and requires the usual "manual control" at the H scenes. Fair amount of variety, but slight emphasis on the SM type.

Graphics: 40%
Below average graphics. The art is primative. Low color and resolution. It just isn't drawn very well. Its pretty small too.

Gameplay: 60%
Standard SLG menu driven game play. You get different menu options and depending on what you choose you may get different results, although there are a large number of menus which makes no difference one way or the other. You make your decision in your interview with your boss, the director, and depending on how you answer her questions you'll end up on a different plane with different scenarios.

Sound: 70%
Fair variety of BGM which suits the mood. Ok sound effects too.

Extras: 90%
This one's got it all. CG mode, which doesn't even require that you finish the game (it just shows you the pictures you've seen already), music room to replay all the music, and even a "Playroom" which only becomes avaiable after you completely finish all the scenarios and endings which you can replay all the H scenes in its entirety.

Rating: 65%
I was a little surprised by the poor graphics. It doesn't get too much worse than this before you start talking about Chinese H game graphics.

Fair length SLG game with alot of possible endings and three different scenarios. Fairly intensive in the H department, but below average art.
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