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Name: College Terra Story (55.56% in 9 votes)
Type: SIM
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Uran
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: Joshua

This game is the second chapter(the sequel) to the Terra Story series by Uran and features full animation in both graphics and H-scenes. Again, in my personal opinion, Uran games always feature high quality CG and sound and this game is a prime example of their work.

The story picks up off where HighSchool Terra Story ended. You are, again, Keisuke from the first game and you are now attending college. Keisuke is intrigued with a pop idol rock star named Hiromi, who also happens to attend the same univers- ity as he does. The six girls from the first game(Misa, Rina, Mimi, Aki, Chiho and Mao) are also back and you can continue their love stories from where they left off from the first game if you choose to do so. The story deals with heartbreak, reuniting, and rediscovering love. It has a very realistic and emotional tone to it. The endings to the game seem very sad and dramatic, especially Rina's. Overall, the story has dimension to it, as well as the characters. Very well done.

H Content:
This game features full animation in the H-scenes and I must say that it is terrific. Very high quality. If you like Hentai Anime, I think you'll like this part of the game.

From what I have played of Uran's games, the CG is always top of the line, and this game is again proof. Even though this game is only displayed by 640x480 (because of the full animation), the graphics are very pleasing to the eyes. And I love the character design.

Well, again, this is a simulation game. Yet, I think it is much easier than the first game. You have another parameter with six settings(school,heart, athletics,etc.) and how you alter them, the different paths you will go. There is also a meter for fatigue, love story points and money. You can again summon the angel or devil named Mall, to help you out. You also can call your friend, Toshiya, to help you out or you can visit another friend, Takuya, to give you additional guidance. This time, unlike the first game, you can choose what you want to do or what location you want to go. So, the user system is a little more friendly. You can also call the girls and ask them out on dates and give them presents. Overall, the difficulty of the gameplay is low to moderate. It doesn't take long on getting used to the system. You can also save the game at any time and the replay value is high as there are separate stories and endings for each character. There are 8 characters and two perspectives to the game, so there is a lot of depth to it.

The soundtrack to this game is full CD-music and again, it is very well done. The music in the game gives a lot of feeling to the stories and characters, and certainly sets a dramatic theme. I love the opening and ending songs by Hiromi, as well. And there is also full voice in the game.

Well, there are some, but not many. After completing the game with a character, you have a music player option (but then you can listen to the music in any CD player), the angel option in the game, which allows you to replay scenes, and then if you look in your C-drive (or program files), there are seperate art photos of each character that you can use as wallpaper if you like. And I must say I like the artwork in the game very much. Otherwise, that is it.

Rating: 93%
I really like the Terra Story series and am looking forward to the third (and final) chapter by Uran. Again, I love the CG, artwork, music and characters. Not since Doukyusei 1 and 2 have I enjoyed a love story simulation game as much as the Terra Story series.
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