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Name: Chance (66.67% in 3 votes)
Type: RPG
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Fun Yours
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: Lamuness

Feeling that the RPGs you have played are too restricted? Want to be in a world where you can do anything you want and really "role-play"? Chance will be something you should look at.

What you basically do in this game is to role play characters for one year, or 360 days. There are a total of 4 characters in the game, each having their own background and goals to accomplish. You can choose to control any or all 4 of the characters, and each will do their things independently but simultaneously day by day. Although each character has their own goals to accomplish and that all 4 characters' goals somehow all link to one central plot, you basically can do anything you want in Chance. There are a total of 14 different ending for all the characters, ranging from good to bad. How much you can do in a day is purely based on luck, because you determine how many steps you can proceed by rolling a dice, similar to Table RPGs like D&D. You can choose to explore dungeons, accept tasks from the adventurer's guild, or not to.

Many may think that battles play in an important part of RPGs. However, this is slightly not true in Chance. There are very few battles to encounter because you can do "anything" you want in the world of Chance. Battles are mainly encountered by certain fixed events. This means that growth from battles are very slow. However, besides buying weapons and armor, the major way to raise your stats is by doing part-time jobs, and you can earn some cash too. For example, working in an armor shop will mainly increase your defense rating. Since battles are NOT a major part of the game, some of you may be a bit disappointed by that. What's even worse than this is that even if you lose (most of) the fixed battles, the game will just go on as if you won the battle. This is even true for the last boss. So do you need battles at all in the first place? I do not know.

The graphics are not as nicely done as newer games, but they are above average. The anime style characters overall are drawn pretty nicely. Battle effects are exciting to watch, but sometimes they are overdone (especially for last boss). There are short 3D FMVs at times, but not too impressive as newer ones. Music and sound effects are pretty nicely done, however. I guess that the game heavily emphasizes on the "free" gameplay than audio-visuals (not saying that the latter is bad, however).

Overall, Chance has some really really intriguing designs. It's a very different type of RPG where you can do anything you want, similar to Table RPGs. One might feel confused at the beginning as to what to do, but if you just take your Chances and willing to explore the world in front of you, the game will prove to be more fun. If you are into free-style RPGs like Square's Saga series, then you will want to consider Chance. As an aside, if you want to know more about some of the characters' pasts in Wind Fantasy, you might want to play Chance.
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