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Name: Bunny Hunter Zero (62.00% in 10 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Janis
Release date: 1995
Reviewed by: Deester

Chasing bunny girls on your free time is sure to help you relax after a hard day, or is it not?

Since I don't understand much japanese I can't say much about the story . From what I can guess watching the introduction I'd say you are some kind of transported-to-our-reality-from-somewhere-else guy who just loves "playing" with bunny girls...

H Content:
There is enough h-contect to please everybody... About half a dozen girls with whom you can have "H-encounters" by beating her on a game (see gameplay section of the review). Personally I think the girls are really sexy and cute (especially the last one).

The game runs on 256 colors and the graphics during h-scenes are really really nice! During the rest of the game they are nicer than many games but not extrordinary. I give it an 18 cause i love the intro and h-scenes...

I just love the gameplay. Unlike most h-games where you just have to click around to progress you have to use items in some parts of the game... So if you don't want to wonder for ages why nothing happens you may have to think of their use... Also the controls are in english (Talk, Look, Think, Item, Move, System) making the game easier for people who don't understand kanji. Now to the special feature of BHZ! Every time you confront a girl youhave to beat her in a card game. You play a card and if your opponent(s) plays a smaller one you win, while if she plays a bigger one you lose... During the first encounters you win pretty easily but as the game progresses your opponents become more powerful. Well don't let this frighten you cause most of the times (if not always) you'll get another chance.

The sound theme is nice with different scores playing at certain parts or when you win/lose in the card game.

There is a music room availlable with the game's score, on the opening screen. By running the last save game after you finish (it is saved automatically by the computer) you can see all the h-scenes of the game plus some drawings of the characters and scans of some h-scenes in their pre-inked pre-coloured state which sums up to 33 pics...

Rating: 80%
A great game. I mentioned it again but i bet you'll love the last girl!
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