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Name: Angel Parasite (71.67% in 6 votes)
Type: STG
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Unknown
Release date: 1996
Reviewed by: HnN

In short. This game is a Neon Genesis Evangelion clone. For those of you who don't know what that is, read the Story section. Otherwise, you can just skip it and go right to the next section.

Talk about dejavu. As I mentioned above, the story of this game is a direct clone of the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion. Basically, in the year 2044, Earth was invaded by a group of huge biological entities only known as "Devil Parasite". They basically rampaged through the Earth like Godzilla and killed off over 80% of the world's population. Now, two years later, in 2046, the remaining humans have gathered together to fight back. A secret research complex was developed to research biological weapons to fight these creatures. You are basically the head of this organization (ie: Gendou Ikari in EVA). At this facility, you prepare your biological weapons, which are basically huge variations of the "Devil Parasite" and train the three pilots, Alisa (Asuka Clone), Casty (Rei Clone), and Lerike (no EVA equivalent) in developing their physical, mental, piloting, as well as their H abilities (hey its got to come in somewhere). To prepare for the inevitable confrontation with a Devil Parasite. This game would score higher here if it wasn't so obviously a copy. I wonder if Gainax had a hand in this game.

H Content:
Slightly below average frequency, roughly 70/30. There are usually H events after a major Devil Parasite battle. The events though, are fairly long and explicit.

Pretty good artwork. The characters are all drawn pretty nice. High resolution & sharpness even at full screen, good solid colors.

This is a very entertaining game. Basically the Devil Parasites will be paying you a visit one at a time, from the weakest to the strongest. The exact time when they appear is somewhat random, but fluctuates between three and seven days in between visits. During this lag time, you must take advantage of this time and train your pilots, develop your bioweapon, etc.. There are three main rooms in this game. The first is the battle room, this is where you can find information on the parasites and basically view the status of your facility. You can also arm different weapons on each of your bioweapon unit. You're helped here by Bamela (ie: Misato from EVA). The second room is the first research lab, headed by Shamille (ie: Ritsuko from EVA), here is where you develop your bioweapons, these huge bug like creatures (ie: EVA units from EVA). You have three different units, each piloted by a different pilot. After you defeat each Parasite, you'll be able to allocate a certain number of research points to improve agility, armor, HP, EP, etc.. In order for you to upgrade the unit, you must dismantle it, and then grow it again, each of these process takes a day (so you try not to do this when a parasite attacks you or you won't have all three of your units ready, for this reason you must have atleast one unit in reserve). The last room is research lab #2, headed by Ian (no EVA equivalent). This is where you train your pilots in mental, physical, and piloting abilities. There are also a couple of H events here for each pilots.

When the parasites arrive. Its time for combat. Just before combat, you can re-equip your units if you wish. Basically combat occurs in rounds. The sequence depends on the speed of your units and the parasite. Sometimes a parasite will vanish, but still be able to attack you, in that instance its up to each individual pilot's search ability to find him. You can hurt the parasite with your various weapons but in order to kill it, one of your units must employ something called an Ankha. If you reduce the parasite's hp down low enough the Ankha will kill it. You can deploy the Ankha ahead of time and then knock his hp down. It doesn't matter. The pilot which deployed the Ankha would get double the amount of research point available to upgrade her unit, so if you want to build one of the units, let that pilot have the kill. That's basically it. Be warned however that the parasites gets really strong really quick, so take advantage of quiet times to build up your pilots and units. The last parasite, Lucifer, is immensely tough, so be prepared after you kill Diablo, the final parasite, before Lucifer shows up.

Hint: Always carry the weapon which does the maximum amount of damage. Reload if you have to. Fighting the parasites with anything less than your best stuff is asking for death.

Typical FM music. Nothing to get excited about. Although it does suit the coresponding atmosphere correctly.

You can save and load pretty much anywhere in the game except during battle. However there are no extra special modes which become available after you finish the game. So if you want to see the H sequences again you better make some timely saves.

Rating: 67%
Entertaining strategic game play. Even though its not very original in the story its still pretty original in game play. A great game for Strategy game lovers who likes a little H on the side.
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