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Name: Ace of Spades (54.64% in 28 votes)
Type: FUN
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: LOVEGUN
Release date: 1993
Reviewed by: Hentai Helper

Anime strip Poker and Blackjack. 7 different girls have 5 pictures each (only 1 picture for an 8th one).

Story: 25%
Because I can't read Japanese, I can't even tell if there was one. Since you can quickly start playing strip poker or blackjack, this isn't really important.

H Content: 75%
Of 36 pictures in the Photoshop, 28 are H. Quality is pretty good though.

Graphics: 82%
Same quality as the H graphics, probably 640*480, 256 colors.

Sound: 70%
MIDI files for music. They play fine, but I couldn't edit them. No deduction for that. PCM or other sound options all were no sound. No sound effects.

System/Setup: 100%
My copy came with a README.TXT in English. I've determined how the menus work (ACEWIN.EXE is better if you aren't using Japanese fonts), file is available on my website, but they're pretty self-explanatory. No save/load capability. Installation puts a LOVEGUN.INI file in your \WINDOWS directory, and creates several directories for program code and data. Any reasonably good Windows system should be able to handle this one easily.

Gameplay: 95%
If you know Poker and/or Blackjack, you shouldn't have too much trouble. Both Poker and Blackjack use the same interface. Left click on a card to turn it over in Poker, then click on CHANGE to get new cards. In Blackjack, left click on the CARD 5 to get a hit, on STAND (or right click) to stand and see what the dealer does. Win 10 hands (ties are a win for both) before the dealer does to see pictures and keep going. Lose 4 of those blocks of 10 to the dealer, and you lose. I didn't detect any cheating by either side.

Extras: 90%
Photoshop and music jukebox are always accessible from main game menu. Winning or modifying LOVEGUN.INI will turn on more pictures. Very easy to use, allows "random" access to all songs and pictures.
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