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Name: Nine Lives (100.00% in 2 votes)
Type: PUZ
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Apricot Excellent
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Tabris

Theres two modes in this game, the first one is story mode where the story is about one day you encounter an earthquake. Since that earthquake you life changed dramatically. On your way home from searching for a job, (after the earthquake), you encounter a red cat and because of her, you will be drawn into the cat world in helping her fight the evil forces.

The second mode is a tournament mode where you can pick which girl you want to be and battle the other girls in a card game. Kind of a generic story if you ask me.

H Content:
Many H scene. Since theres no story (well a good story anyways) a lot of H scenes are presented in the form of after you beat the girl in a card game you obtain some h scenes from your opponent.

Not a bad graphic game but i would say nothing stands out much really. Besides a lot of cg scenes i'd say there is not graphics in this game.

To tell you the truth i have no idea how the card game is played. It is the japanese fa pai. (flower cards) But then this game is so easy that it does a lot of stuff automatically for you so that it becomes a typical card game that anyone can just pick up and learn.

They have the normal stuff like the "CG room" and game options... the part i really like though is how they can let you view each girl at a time or with icons and they also separate the girls in story mode and tournament mode in two categories.

Total Points: 62%
Well its an easy game and i would recommend this to a lot of H gamers without knowledge of japanese since the card game is so easy to catch on and there are a lot of h scenes in this game.
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