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Name: Threads of Fate (96.00% in 5 votes)
Type: RPG
Platform: PSX
Company: Squaresoft
Release date: 2000
Reviewed by: DarkWhisper

Threads of Fate or Dew Prism as it is called in Japan is an action rpg in the vein of Brave Fencer Musashi but better. When the game starts you are asked to either pick from two characters Rue or Mint. Each character goes on a quest to find the relic and during the course of the game both will meet each other. The game revolves around the relic called DEW PRISM which can make any wish come true.

Rue is after the relic to save CLAIRE, his story is more serious and has a more darker feel to it. While Mint is after the relic for selfish reasons and that is to "RULE THE WORLD". Her story is more light hearted than Rue's though. During the course of the game you will meet different people in a city called CORONA. The entire game will revolve around that place. You need to play both characters to get the real ending. Each character is very different from each other for example only Rue can transform to any creature he defeats by collecting their coins not including Bosses while Mint can use powerful magic.

The game's graphics are better than Brave Fencer Musashi. The character models are done quite nicely and the backgrounds aren't bad. The music isn't good nor bad but just fits the game quite nicely. The game controls are easy to master and the menu screen is very simple. Another thing though is the game is not all 3D since some of the time it is either top view or side view when playing and the camera angles are fixed too. The game also isn't time cosuming with resource management as other rpgs are but is more on playing and enjoying the game.

Threads of Fate is a fun game although it won't take you that long to finish both scenario's. I finished the game approximately 4 hours. After you finished the game you are asked to save and in doing so will let you retain your character's stats but will also make the enemies much stronger. Now on to the ratings.

The games graphics looks much better than Brave Fencer Musashi's graphics. Some problems with camera angles other than that nothing else.

It doesn't have a high replay value though since the game's two scenarios has the same levels except 2 or 3 for each character that is unique. Also after you play the game that's it. No secrets to be found. None that is interesting enough though.

The game is fun to play and the game's difficulty varies.

I highly recommend this game to those wanting to play action rpgs and doesn't want excess resource management as other rpgs. It is fun and enjoyable to play too.

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