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Name: Viper Gokuraku (74.00% in 25 votes)
Type: PUZ
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Sogna
Release date: 2000
Reviewed by: Ayanabi

Watch out Viper lovers Sogna is in the scene again. With recent release Viper Gokuraku, we can all forget about GT1 at the moment (GT1 is getting debugged by Sogna. Fix disc soon). What is Viper Gokuraku? Well it’s the game that will keep you playing till you drop... For the goodies of course.

So who said Sogna can't make good puzzle games? Never mind that cause Sogna still drags otaku's attention with whatever game they make, especially Viper series of course. There are dozen of Viper games out there now but Gokuraku is the special one. It incorporates almost all previous Viper games. The people, who have never played Viper series and would like to see what is it about, graphic wise, might want to try this out. Note, I said graphic wise. That means Gokuraku have previous Viper encounters but the way of playing is different. Is it really worth it JUST for the graphics? Hell Yes! (NOTE Viper is known for its ANIMATION. This game DOES include them)

Game Console Play and the whole 9 yards
Ever played Monopoly Series? Well this is similar to it. It’s a puzzle game so it involves with rolling dice, losing winning and stuff. The console is done quite well. The Collection box idea is A+

Music? Voice?
Yes and Yes! There is Viper Music and Viper Dub! Dubbed from start to end. Who can complain about cute girls speaking in Japanese?

Animation and Still pic
Top notch Sogna stuff here. The artists are just getting better and better and better and better. Wipe the drool off your mouth now please.

Story. aru kai?
It’s a puzzle game; your goal is the Collect all the animation cards so you can watch them. Not a whole lot of story involved.

Overall Performance

Last Words - Dang getting busy lately games are stacking up and waiting for full densetsu conversion to be done. Take a look at or something :)
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