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Name: Jet Set Radio (94.00% in 5 votes)
Type: ACT
Company: Sega
Release date: 2000
Reviewed by: Ayanabi

Hey hey hey~ All you Skaters and Rappagarias ever wonder what would be like if the music is crossed with this sport? You get Jet Set Radio. Thats right~ listening to hardcore rap while skating with this new Skates is the tight thing to do!

By just looking at the name its quite hard to know what is this game actually about. It might not be a catchy name but it sure is an addictive game. Sega gets my 5cents on the skating side of console gaming!

Its my first time playing DC non-stop. I got my DC sometime in Feb but rarely played it. After getting this game? I almost couldn't get off it. The game starts as a corse of tricks that you need to learn. The basic of it is learn to Graffity, jump, split, flip, and all that other skating stuff that involves with breaking a leg or two.

Now that you have learned the basic you get in the team. In a crew of 3 you will dominate, at least try to, the area surrounding you by applying beautiful graffity around the city on walls, cars, bus and even 'helicopters'. Costantly running into cops and this guy that shoots me is really fun. I don't know what happens when you clear every single round, but i do know that you will get to see the 1337 ppl who actually made this game(like this is new).

Game Console 8/10
Stuff you do in game defies all laws of physics(or is that actually how good skating can go?) The control of the game is quite simple. Jump, move, Spray. Repeat. But one thing that I have to complain is the view angle and the direction. Its quite hard to adapt.

For which ever direction of your character is facing to, thats the direction on the controller. Get ready to bump into some walls. The spraying is well done. Heck you even get to make your own logo if you wish.

Story 8/10
Well not alot to say about story, its the Spray and Win type. But keep in mind that your only enemy is not your oponents. But Cops. They will use what ever means to stop you from claiming the city. Have you ever seen copys shooting at skaters? How bout helicopters?

Sound 9/10
Goes really well with the moves of each character. The OST is gona sell really well.

Graphic 7/10
Graphic is quite Cute :)

Overall 8/10
Even if you are not a skater or hiphop fan, play this game :) you will like Skating and Rap!
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