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Name: Love Hina (93.79% in 58 votes)
Platform: VIDEO
Company: Unknown
Release date: 2000
Reviewed by: Ayanabi

Anyone remember anything that happened in their childhood? Was there a promise that you made? Have you accomplished it yet? Is it such a way that you don't exactly know what the promise was and don't remember who it was too?

Keitarou some how fits in everything that is said above. Being a failure that filed the Tokyo U entrance exam, his life took an unexpected turn. He doesn't really remember who he made the Promise of getting into Tokyo U. In his mind, it would be a promise that he will have to fulfill. His whole life depends on it. He soon inherited his grandma's Inn, Hinata Inn (His grandma is not dead btw. Just out there traveling around the world). Upon the ownership transfer, one requirement was set... That he must become the Custodian of Hinata Inn. At the current day, Hinata Inn has become a girls dorm housing 5 Girls of different ages.

Narusegawa also a Tokyo U wana-go-er attracted most of Keitarou's attention. Sensing the same desperate will Keitarou was able to pull some information out of Naru. It seems that Naru too have made a promise to get in Tokyo U. Unsure of weather its is actually her that Keitarou made the promise to, the fun begin.

Living in Hinata Inn was not, and still is not an easy job. Being costantly abused and blamed on. He had to takecare of all the Inn day and night. But on the good side, he gets to 'hang' out with girls. Or rather,the girls get to HANG him. Daily life became interesting as he got closer to the girls. Costantly falling on top of them, seeing them undress or nekkid was sure an every-guys-dream. But ofcourse he never got away in 1 piece. Usually he would get beat up pretty badly.

Keitarou feared Motoko the most. Since Motoko is the last decendent of some powerful swordsman clan, she could work Keitarou in no time. Then under her win there iis Su, a mystery girl that is...Really mystrious. Not alot of ppl know where she came from (or is she human). Kitsune taught Su Japanese. Kitsune belongs to the same year of school with Naru but she chose not to go for University at all. Then there is Shinobu, a classmate of Su. Shinobu takes care of cooking and such. Just like a house girl.

As Keitarou continued his undying dream to get in Tokyo U, countless amount of events occur to him and the girls that somehow everyone started liking him. And soon or later before the serie ends, someone is gona break th ice and confess to him.

The journey to Tokyo U iis not an easy one. Its filled with sadness and happiness. Plenty of events that will be remembered. After both watching and reading Love hina, somehow it gives me the feeling of nostagia(althou i have never worked soo hard for school). Who will Keitarou decide to be with. And will he be able to find the real girl that he made the promise to? It still is a mystery because the manga is still coming out as we speak right now. If you like Anime... This is a series that you should not miss.

Love hina TV is based on the manga but its planned abit differently. It will be shorter than the manga. DVDs are coming out as well. Its main theme is comedy. But gets serious at times. Each character is different. The story is really unique. Its fun to watch Keitarou getting abused by the girls.

Both the music and quality is top rated. This can't be missed!

Story 10/10
Picture Quality 9/10
Sound/Music 9/10
Overall 9/10
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