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Name: Album No Naka No Hohoemi (40.00% in 2 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Assemblage
Release date: 1990
Reviewed by: Ayanabi

Arubamu no naka no hohoemi is quite a nice game. After playing it all night and getting every ending posible. Assemblage and CureCube did a really good job with this game. The graphic, the story and the sound. They just all piece up together and able to keep me at the desk keep wanting to find out what happened next.

The Story 8/10
You as male main character returns to japan after completeing your europe ART studies. As a rich man's son you were allowed to travel around to seek education around the globe. Now that you have completed your quest its time to return to japan... and marry Satsuki, your preset bride to be. There is a problem, you have got a maid thats been following you most of your life. She likes you. After arriving in Japan, you soon became the art teacher of an all girls school (wow). Now 3 more girls join the wagon and they all want a piece of you alright. Who would you chose? Who don't you wana hurt the most? The story have quite many twists. Kasumi (maid) have the nicest personality you could find. She would do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING for you. Satsuki is quite the hard girl to get, although shes your bride-to-be she does everythign against you and want to get you out of her life. Only time will soften her up. As for the other girls, Story ends if you chose them. It hurts to see other girl's reaction when you confess to another one infront of them. It will make you wana HIT and HOLD that CTRL button and skip thoes crushed hearts.

Graphic 8/10
This is really high graphic production i would say. The style is some what simple but it sure is consistent thoughout the game. You couldn't really pick on whats wrong with it at all. As for the background, i would say its a bit too colorful. But the characters and H scenes are the killers.

Sound 8/10
I really liked the VA done in here, they really meant what they say. There must have been thousands of lines and everyone of them have voice ( the girls only ). I am quite impressed by it. The music is quite soft, well arranged and for the proper 'occation' also.

Game Console 8/10
althou its a bit dull i would still have to say its one of the most flexible consoles. You can save your game ANYWHERE you want :) that means before making an unsure choice which i am sure that alot of you will encounter. Save the game. then explore the choices. The downside to the save game thing is that there is only 6 slots to save on. Limited action. The CTRL button speeds up the messages, just like the old days.

Overall 8/10
As of the afterwords i forgot what i was going to say. Lack of sleep is not good for your body so don't spent the whole night playing games (specially H games). Have fun~
PS. there is abit of 'kiddy' stuff in this game. There is a girl that doesn't sound very old.
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