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Name: Natural 2 -DUO- (65.81% in 31 votes)
Type: SIM
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Fairy Tale
Release date: 2000
Reviewed by: Orochi

About Natural 2 -DUO- :-
It's a nice ADV/SLG with a somewhat dramatic story with excellent voice actings and insane CGs with a similar kind of training system that Natural -Body And Soul- holds.
But it does not deal with highschool girls anymore as the characters in the game are in their 20's.

Details as follows.

Story :-
The main character is a writer working with a magazine. One day, you recieve news that your maternall Grandfather (Who he had gone to live with 10 years ago after his parents got divorce and leave sometimes after.) had died and you return to the place to inherit the house.On your way, you met with one of the twin granddaughters of your maternall Grandfather (techinally,the main chara's niece ) and after some catching up, she confess her love to you....

As the title of the game goes, the main story revolves around 2 persons,the twins Chisato and Kuu Toriumi.

The story is nice,every one of the 6 chara (excluding the main chara) had their own dramatic moments in some part of the story.
(Chisato's operation, Kuu's accident, Kanoko's dilemma...)Kuu's accident is a one that I'll like to highlight,I was a bit touch by it when she prayed to God not to let her die as she is a good girl who like to be with the one she loves moments after the accident,before she lose consciousness....with full voice actings acting out the dialogue.
But not all of them will have a happy end if you done some specific kind of training for the twins or some actions for the other females in the game

System :-
From the start, you can either choose 2 different scenario, Chisato's or Kuu's, this will affect who you will be able to train first but depending on what you did,you might be able to train the other party later on...but not the other female charas besides the twins.
There are parameter in the game for all of the female characters and their impression of the main chara will either rise or drop depending on what he says or do in the game, this is especially true for the training part for either of the twins,
EG : If you choose to do "Hard" before doing anything "Soft", the "Trust" will drop.
You can actually proceed with the game without going through a single hentai scene ( You'll get a choice in the dialoughs during the game whether to proceed with the training or not ) , but you'll miss out on some of the more "interesting" ending.
There are a wide variaties of endings for this game, but the more "interesting" ones are as a result of a certain option during the training parts.
Now, if you achieve a good end in the game, you will be able to unlock an extra scenario in the game, the same goes if you manage to get one of those more "interesting" end.
I'll leave it up to you guys who have the game to see what these 2 secert scenarios are, but they are definately better then the 2 main scenarios.
But I must comment that this game is very easy.

Graphics :-
The CGs are the kind that F & C are famous for and I came to expect.
Only one word can descibe them : Insane.
This is definitly one of the best release in terms of graphics this year. IMO, Natural 2 is better then Leaf's Magical Antique and Studio E!go's Castle Fantasia : Record Of Eureshyal War in terms of CGs.

Voice/Music :-
Musics for this game are mediocre , some BGMs are overused,but the Opening Song, Main Theme and Ending Song are nice.

Voice Actings are above average though.
F&C had included the name of those seiyuus in the credits,something that is rare among the hentai bishoujo games. Either the seiyuus loves the roles they played or F&C must have lots of faith in the seiyuus.
Just love Kuu-chan's lively voice through out the game.
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