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Name: Mania na onna 2 (71.25% in 8 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Foster
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: Ayanabi

Ossu minna san~ densetsu e youkoso~ (Hi n welcome desuu~)
Here we look into a game called Mania na onna2 by Foster. This game came out last year (99) or so its not one of those cutting edge games. In fact most jpn-games out there are AVG type. I donÆt quite remember what was Mania na onna1 about but I do remember there is such a game (or maybe that was mania club after school or something).

The game takes place in Tokyo some time near the current days. There isnÆt any fancy technology involved. There isnÆt quite a few number of girls in this games but thank god they still out number the males. Only quite interesting point to this game is that this seemed like a never-ending story. And on top of all, you as main character is (are) a girl(s).

A time limit is given to you when you first start, most events are automatic so donÆt worry much. There isnÆt a lot of questions they ask so donÆt be afraid that you are going to get bombarded by questions. The saving point is at the end of each day. As story unfolds and the game ends, if successful you will move on to the next character and continue playing. After playing though all the characters you will get the true ending of the game. The game is played on a map basis, you get the control of your character and you run around the map looking for person or event. A timer of 3 hours (game time actual of like 30 seconds) is given each time you are allowed to walk around. Some part of it there will be dialogs that you will need to answer, each leading to different part of the game and some of them will dump you into æbad endingÆ. Save every night if needed.

Since itÆs a rather long game I wonÆt go in detail with the story section. You first start as a college girl and in 5 days you find out why your BF is cheating on you. On the way you pick up a lot of new characters and at the end of that if done right you will get to H with your BF. After that chapter1 ends and ch2 starts. You are now one of the girls that you meet and you have a different missionà.This is one of a kind games that has the story go on and onàbut its quite humorlessà

Graphic here is pretty standard. Nothing really impressive looking just the regular H game standards.

The character speech system is rather well done. In regular H games you will rarely hear both male and female speech, especially when its first person. In this game, they had most of the speech done almost 90% of them. Even the first person (you) has voice of its own. You can also hear yourself talking (I knew that you talked to yourself often). The music is quite friendly and catchy. But after 2 hours of it I am sure it will become dull for most of you earthlings (call me H-oujousama onegai =)).

Overall rating 7/10
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