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Name: Boys Be... (93.85% in 13 votes)
Platform: VIDEO
Company: Bandai
Release date: 2000
Reviewed by: Ayanabi

Lately there has been a lot of quality anime releases both on TV and OVA or the movie industry. Lately with the release of OMG (Oh my goddess) Movie the anime really got a big boost bringing more and more ppl into this big community.

I am quite thrilled about the new release such as Boys BeĆ  Gatekeepers and Love hina. Lately those 3 series has been on the debate on kawaii anime boards top priority. I have to agree that those new series that are coming out are really impressive looking. I will take time this week to give you a outlook on all 3 of them.

Boys be have been in the manga business for quite a long time now, the first session ended some years ago. The second session has always been on the top selling charts. It even got to get on TV Production. The TV version of Boys Be is not directed or drawn by the original authors of manga Boys Be but still follows the story type of short love drama episodes. The stories are quite the same.

Each episode there will be a different story different character and location. But they for sure are all about short love dramas stories. They will almost always have the tradition of Kokuhaku (confession) to the opposite sex. It is amazing what the producers can do, able to seduce you into the story in only less than 25 minutes. You are able to feel whats going on, most anime series aired takes time for you to get used to the characters. But because Boys Be is one of its kind, its focus on the characters 100% of time so they can tell you the story to the fullest detail.

The quality of this anime is amazing. High quality production for a TV series. The music and sound are well done as well. Only thing is that the TV Series follows the manga rules of character design. If you read some of its manga you might have noticed that most of the characters look alike. I mean, using the same group of ppl over and over and over again. Same thing with the animation, not a bad thing but just will get pretty redundant if abused.

Score 8.5/10
PS. For all you lovers out there J this is a good series to watch if you want to feel you are being loved.
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