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Name: Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix (84.44% in 9 votes)
Type: FUN
Platform: PSX
Company: Konami
Release date: 2000
Reviewed by: Ayanabi

Well for all you Dance Freaks out there Finally Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix PSX is out. Actually it came out a while ago but I wasnÆt able to get a hold of it. The Arcade version came out quite long time ago and I have played it while in Kamata-Tokyo. DDR is rather famous now in the US as more and more ppl join the action.

What is DDR? The Game play and rules and all of that.
DDR Started along time ago when a couple of bored creative developers got together in Konami Tokyo division. They have just finished 2nd mix of Beat Mania another of the Bemani type of games where a lot of musical talent is required to play. DDR required the movement of feet. You have to ædanceÆ to play this. There are 4 direction buttons on the controller and on screen tells you which ones to press. If done well it will give you a score of Miss, poor, good, great, or excellent. Each of this score will disrupt the Heat bar. If your heat bar goes out of colors it means you have been playing like Jack and will fail the course.

DDR 3rd Mix
Now that I have introduced you what DDR is lets go on to 3rd mix. The traditional DDR before reaching 3rd mix has a max difficulty of 8. Usually on a difficulty 8 song you have to be playing in Maniac mode. Usually SPM (Step per Minute) of Maniac mode is around 240 or more. 240SPM in 60 seconds thatÆs around 4 SPS. 4 step per sec? Not bad. Well but a total of 60 ore more seconds? ThatÆs a problem. Now that 3rd Mix is out the dev team decided to give those hardcore gamers a challenge. Difficulty 9. I my self hasnÆt dared to try this out yet so I still have my leg attached and facing the right direction.

WhatÆs new in 3rd Mix?
Other than the new difficulty of course there are tons of new songs and new challenges. There is even a new System called SSR called Step Step Revolution. SSR is something close to Step Battle from 2nd Mix but not yet quite the same. They also added new characters and dance moves to it.

Why PPL get addicted to DDR?
Well cause this is a really fast game it requires a lot of movement of feet and upper body. In other words it burns a lot of Ur fat. It also can be used to dance as a lot of DDR-er have found that making new moves on DDR makes them super l33t~ It is true cause I was the one of those ppl.

What to watch out
If you are going to the arcade to play DDR always watch out with ppl around you. You donÆt want to accidentally kick the metal post or the person standing next to you. I would suggest if you want to do moves practice at home first then go out and show off. Humiliation is fun but has its limits J.

Final words
DDR is a great game. It requires a lot of practice and stamina. You can be really creative with it as well. Buy 3rd Mix PS and play some of it J its worth the try.
for more info goto for some great links and pics
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