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Name: Macross Plus DVD Volume 2 - EP 3&4 (92.00% in 5 votes)
Platform: VIDEO
Company: Manga Video
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: KurenaiJiku

Naturally the conclusion of any series or story is bound to be the ultimate peak of it's climactive potential. Macross Plus does this and slightly a bit more. It doesn't hesitate or stop to continue to develop the character cast's personality or does it falter in anyway in terms of quality. The final two episodes don't go sloppy in anyway which is the definite symptom of poorly made storylines, or run dry budgets. It entirely satisfies my taste and gives good closure. Something which many scenarios fail to do; most of the time you would yearn for more.

The relationship and conflict between Isamu, Guld and Myune get pretty heated as the world around them is slowly revealed more to finally place the character in their true enviornment. Unlike the first two episodes which mainly focused on the interactions between each of the 3 cast members, the characters are now viewed from afar and near in their surroundings. The support characters naturally support their roles more now and interact with the main characters which in turn reveals more emotion rather than devoiding the main cast of emotion. Macross Plus does not suffer from misallocation of camera focus, so your eyes are always set on the 3 main characters. But the scenes in the final conclusion gives them all a chance to be challenged by outside means other than each other.

After all the technical jargon about continuity which it upholds very well, the artwork and sound are consistent throughout the entire series. So the last two episodes are no joke. There is only one scene in the last part which bubbles me and it's considerably obvious to many eyes, though it only lasts 2 to 3 seconds which isn't that bad. You soon forget this mild mistake when you see the next scene, or are simply too caught up in the drama.

Keeping this short and simple, if you've watched the first two episodes, you will have to watch the last two. If you've never watched the first two episodes, you must watch the first two. It's only logical. After you've completed this awesome series, you'd probably want to check out the Macross Plus movie which is a recompilation of the most important scenes in Macross Plus. It also has new scenes which add a flashy flare to the whole storyline; they aren't really necessary though. If you're a fan of Macross Plus like I am, you'd want to check it out for novelty's sake.

Artwork (technical) - 4.5/5
Artwork (creative) - 5/5

Animation (technical) - 4.5/5
Animation (creative) - 5/5

Audio (technical) - 5/5
Audio (creative) - 5/5

Implementation - 5/5
Ambience - 5/5

Continuity - 5/5
Plot - 5/5

Fun Factor - 4.5/5

Overall Value - 5/5
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