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Name: Mugen no Riviais (90.00% in 3 votes)
Platform: VIDEO
Company: Sunrise
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: Ayanabi

Hi and welcome back to all you Review Readers. ItÆs not officially summer time and the start of a new season. As of you know almost everyone is out of school for a vacation break (except those ppl that are stuck for a few more weeks of summer skewl). As of me, I have been out for quite a while not because of school or work but because I had some bad confrontation with some of the ppl who didnÆt like me very much. Well I am now back and I donÆt give a jack about those ppl who donÆt like me a lot. I am here to voice my thoughts on anime and games that I have crossed on. The newest of all!

ItÆs been almost 6 months since the last time I read anything about anime. My last copy of NewType date back to the Dec of 99. Lately I finally sat down and watched a couple of series of new anime (it was because I didnÆt have my car, stuck at home, didnÆt have internet, DSL down, every buddy was busy, all gone travel). Quite impressive some of the anime are actually worth the watch. Just last night I finished Mugen no Rivaias. I was quite satisfied with the ending of this anime, most series either had a æto be continued with second session note or have a really rushed ending (i.e. Berserker, but I am quite thrilled to hear second session was aired (yet to be confirmed))

The Summary
Mugen no Rivaias takes place in the ænearÆ Future around the 22xx. Mugen means infinity or no limit, and Rivaias is the name of a ship. Basic plot of quite twisted bare with me a minute here. Aiba Kouji is our main character along with Aoi, KoujiÆs childhood friend (osananazimi). Ikumi, KoujiÆs best friend, Youki KoujiÆs younger brother. All of them get on Rivaias a new space station in the outer rings of Milky Way. Then there was sabotage from the inside that caused the ship to almost break up and get disintegrated. Amazingly all the high level officers apparently were targeted and assassinated leaving only the coaches and students. The Space station went to emergency mode and transformed into Rivaias, the Ship form. Due to its æfreshnessÆ the ship is not EVEN programmed yet. All the commands issued from the control rooms have to be programmed on hand. So the Ship escapes the first crisis by dodging the plasma clouds and finally escapes. By then the government has sent different task force teams to ædestroyÆ Rivaias fearing it has been polluted. The action takes place inside Rivaias as how characters interact with each other.

The ship goes though a lot of takeover and rebellions. Its governing type changes from Dictatorship to republic and so on. Ship it self has a Vital Guard in it. A Mech that is really powerful. Ikumi became the leader of Vital Guard while Kouji was in the lead-programming field in Bridge. As time passed more attacks followed the Rivaias was able to survive from each one. Later Mars and other planets declared Rivaias as a terrorist ship. Unknown why this was a big shock for the few coaches and 400 students that were on board. As they got pushed to the edge more and more. The government conspiracy started to unfold in front of public and final strike was launched against Rivaias. Did Rivaias survive the final strike? What become of Kouji and Aoi? Please watch the ending your self.

There isnÆt a lot of quality scenes or impressive ones. The Music is pretty good actually. But the plot is one of a kind and thatÆs what caught me. Towards the end of the series the fall of KoujiÆs fame really irritated me but as it nears the true ending it became quite exciting to watch. The Series ended on 25th episode. Wandering why there is a 26th? Well as many of you watched Eva, 26 is like an after words. But since Eva was pretty screwed up it self (donÆt email me hate mail please~) itÆs ending was quite pointless. Rivaias however had a positive 26th episode. It showed what happened afterwards on board Rivaias. Its just not a regular anime, there were hate, jelousy, love, betrayal and all of them fit well together.

If you have nothing to do and just sitting at home, watch this 26 episode series. I donÆt know if the fansubs are out yet but I doubt it.

Score 9/10
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