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Name: Fall Love Story (70.00% in 2 votes)
Type: FUN
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Owl
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Tabris

Personally i have never heard of the company Owl and i think i would never try any game by then again. Well i will briefly expalin why in this review.

Story: 65%
Okay the story is pretty interesting in that you are a normal student going to school with divorced parents. One day there is a school play and the play is going to be Snow white. Funny thing about your choices (Multi text) is that you can actually vote yourself to be snow white but the sad part of this is that the dialog will make you suggest someone else. Kinda limited to your opinion for a multi text game if you ask me. And the love story goes on as you meet three different girls all of which have different characteristic, lifestyle, and etc. You get the point (coming from a love story game this is very typical). I gave the game a score of 13 because i feel that the story is midiocre and not romantic enough.

H Content: 50%
The hentai pictures in the game a very few because of the fact that this is a love story and that you are trying to win the love of your life, not to have sex with every girl you meet. So the H part of the game is fairly reduced to a limit.

Graphics: 50%
Graphics are HORRABLE!!! If the game isnt in 256 color i woulld of thought this game is made in dos prompt!!! The graphics are no way in contend with the new games out there such as Kanon and Comic Party and i must say this is the MAJOR disappointment in the game.

Gameplay: 65%
As you guessed, this is a mouse point and click with some fairly easy choices to pick.If you play this game a couple of times you will easily know which choice to pick and would effect you in what way. Meaning the replay value of this is also very low. Although i gave it some points for having it a multi ending story (unlike those that are linear and have only one ending) and the fact that you can actually GAME over makes it kinda interesting.

Sound: 40%
Music is nothing comparable to any of the new games. Especially the midis (correct me if i am wrong) sound just like a non rehearsed pianist playing off the back of his head.

Extras: 50%
There are not many extras. There is only the CG mode in the end which deserves the 5 points.

Reviewer's Tilt:
I like Air Plants, and I really enjoyed Flourite. I will enjoy it more once I am fluent in Japanese. And I like the ghost story theme to the game as well. It is a nice touch and it is different from the mainstream hentai games. One more thing, they have terrific artwork in their games. I really recommend this game (if you like Digital Novels).

Rating: 55%
This game was a complete waste of time and the graphics are terrible and there is absolutely nothing to like able this game besides that the game is in 256 color.
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