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Name: Can Can Bunny Premier 2 (68.46% in 13 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Cocktail Soft
Release date: 1996
Reviewed by: Lamuness

The Can Can Bunny games are most probably the most famous games by Cocktail Soft. Similar to the Doukyusei games, you can run around the town talking to and dating girls. To date, I think Can Can Bunny is the longest H-game series in the H-gaming industry. People might think Rance is the longest (up to Rance 5), but Can Can Bunny is actually longer. At 1989, the first Can Can Bunny is released for PC-98 (the game's extinct now :P), and Premier 2, being Cocktail Soft's first Windows-based game, is the seventh in the series. The eighth game, Can Can Bunny Primo, is just out recently.

You are one single lonely guy who wants a girlfriend. And when you went home a huge explosion occured. Inside your room, you saw seven little midgets: the Japanese Gods of Luck. Along with them was a beautiful girl with green hair and she gave you something which she called the "Star of Guidance". The next day you ran into some cute girl, and mysteriously, the "Star of Guidance" glowed...

The Can Can Bunny games are more or less the same: You are a lonely guy. You want a girlfriend badly. Then a Goddess of Luck comes and saves the day and helps you find a girlfriend... Pretty lame, eh? (I think it is).

If you a big fan of H-games, you should know who Swatty and Sawady are. Yes, they are the famous goddesses of luck in the Can Can Bunny games. Swatty is the beautiful goddess with long green hair, and Sawady is the kiddie-like, mischievous, immature "apprentince goddess" with short blue hair. In Premier 2, you can date 6 girls with different personalities and family background. Also, Premier 2 is the first in the series to have both Swatty and Sawady present as main characters (no, Can Can Bunny Unlimited 5.5 only involves Sawady, Swatty does not play a major role in that game :P).

Here's a brief description of each girl:

Sakubaba Hikaru: Your neighbor who is studying very hard trying to get into University.

Hukawa Ayako: Hikaru's relative who happens to loiter everywhere everyday doing nothing but asking guys for treats.

Ishinabe Tamaki: Your high-school friend studying cookery. Among all the girls, she is the easiest to "defeat" because her stats at the beginning is the highest.

Hiyama Yuuki: Works at ***Pia Carrot*** Hamburger Fast Food Restaurant (Pia Carrot again?!)

Shinohara Tomoe: An Office Lady. Unfortunately, that's all I know about her because I never really met her in the game, sorry :P

Higashiyama Hinao: A shy but wealthy girl whose father is a famous artist. She lives overseas, and something is mysterious about her... Somehow she can see Sawady (and friends with her) but her father can't see the goddess. Why?

Being the first Windows game, Premier 2 makes use of the Windows multimedia scheme. It is the first Cocktail Soft game to use voice tracks for all major female casts, as well as the Seven Gods of Luck. Also, the game makes good use of AVI's for cut-scenes, as well as the opening sequence, which is pretty impressive (although we never see any movie files in later Cocktail Soft releases, pity), and not to mention hi-quality 256-color pics as well. Premier 2 is in a way quite user-friendly. When you sleep each night, you can discuss with the divinities how each girl feels about you. Throughout the game, you can keep track of dates or meetings with each girl so you don't need to remember all the dates, locations and times. There are two stats for each girl: the girl's impression of you, and your luck with the girl. Beside the text box, there are stars that represents your relationship with a specific girl (who you are talking to). In short, red stars means you are kicking @$$ (the more the better), and blue stars means you are in trouble, which is sort of like a negative/postive thing. Obviously, if all the red stars are filled, something "good" is bound to happen... :P

Sadly, I think, in a way, this game is somewhat lame because it follows the same storyline as the other Can Can Bunny games do. The game is really nothing but to date girls through the help of a goddess that gave you "luck" (and you can still end up single even with the "added" luck :P). What's REALLY REALLY bad is that the time frame is REALLY REALLY short. You can "defeat" a girl in TEN days (which sounds really ridiculous: you start from scratch, and you successfully woo (not to mention defeat) a girl and have a girlfriend in TEN days? I can't do that myself in real life :P) However, the short time frame does give more challenge to the game because you have so little time to do so many things, similar to Pia Carrot 2. Also, the relationships between all the characters are well shaped in Premier 2. The fantastic graphics and multimedia experience have enhanced the overall look of the game. All elements in the game are well improved than the previous games. Being the first Can Can Bunny game I played, I really enjoyed it.

Now, if I was to compare Can Can Bunny with Doukyusei, I'd say each has it's own good and bad points. Definitely, there are less girls in Can Can Bunny to date, and the time frame is very short. However, one thing that makes Can Can Bunny (in a way) better than Doukyusei is that it's more humorous and relaxed through the insertion of the divine characters (The cute Swatty, the nosy Gods of Luck, and the mischievous Sawady playing at arcade centers, swimming at the fountain pool in the park for no reason...).

Anyways, if you like Doukyusei and other dating games, superior graphics and a touch of humor, I really recommend this game. I am sure you will find this game relaxing and funny, and great too.
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