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Name: Wind Fantasy Special Purpose (78.57% in 7 votes)
Type: RPG
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Fun Yours
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: Vinny

This game is not a challenge at all.

This is my first review, take it lightly ok?

Ok, this game is not a challenge at all, it provides repititive battles, 5 battles can take place in the same place, which makes it frustrating if your PC happens to hang, And the plot is simplistic, in a way that, all you do is battle. But what i like about this game is its graphics, beatifully animated deathblows and abilities, but some abilities are TOO powerful, you can kill a boss with 7000+ HP with just one blow, that's the bad point, and he cannot even damage you given that once you have the armor from the previous town, the armors that previous towns provide usually make you invulnerable to boss attacks. But the cutscenes are very few a makes this great graphictized game, ahem... "Sucky".

Another point i like about this game is the creatures that aid you throughout your travels. You can go to a place, a "shop", to morph your creatures with each other to get more upgraded or maybe downgraded creatures, or even ultra rare creatures! But the creatures are bombastic and hard to afford, exquisite creatures are the hardest to buy sometimes.

And this game is straight foward, you don't have any side quests, all you do is go where they tell you to and battle, battle, battle, and rarely, a talk in your party. Mostly, they'll mark out the places you need to go, and even if you're outnumbered by 10, no problem at all. You can wipe them out almost instantly. And the levels of the enemy are usually buggy, they have level 9 creatures and some lvl +5 of your level creatures, and some enemy are really irritating as they keep on running away, wasting your time. And after you kill it, you'll find that, Oh no! Another battle!

A simple game. The ratings are at the picture side, it goes as follows... ...

Graphics, Gameplay, sound, music, Overall. Sorry, i have to get a reply from Nymph before i can insert the pics..


An average tactic RPG.
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