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Name: Neon Genesis Evangelion - Collection 0:1 (99.00% in 10 votes)
Platform: VHS/VCD
Company: Gainax
Release date: 2000
Reviewed by: KurenaiJiku

You'd probably be really surprised that I'm doing a review on such an old Anime; or what some would called an "in and out" Anime. Evangelion as we know was a very hyped up Anime for it's time. Now it seems more like a pathetic shadow in Anime history, with all that's left is simply sexy Rei, Asuka, and Misato resin kits. Evangelion seems to be a dying memory for much of the general public because it was too vague, too twisted, and lacked eyecandy so to speak. However, for those who have cherished the thought provoking plot lines, the irritatingly realistic characters, and the twisted interpretation of the Holy Bible; they're the ones probably still watching it for the 567,893rd time.

And me, being just one of those loyal fans of Evangelion, has just picked up the first DVD part from the total of 26 episodes. It carries the first 4 episodes in DVD pumping digital quality. With mind blowing sound and visual special effects-ok, that's a definite elaborate glorification of the situation, but heck, Evangelion is worth it. After "oooo-ing" and "aaahhh-ing" at the nifty little Nerv logo on the DVD disc; first thing you'll see is the spiffy company logos from the companies that published the Japanese version, then the new AD Vision logo which is nicely done. But now is gone that awesome AD Vision collage trailer that I enjoyed so much. After crying my whiny face off, I witnessed the patented Evangelion graphical user interface which they use all the time in the Anime. Spinning off a very EVA look, I proceeded through all the menus. With really cool techno thumping in the background in the ADV trailers section, I was twiddling my eyes at all the little animation going on in each section. There wasn't much in the ways of the "extras" section; only character profiles. But each section had some EVA music going on; like Cruel Angel's Thesis or the good ol' Fly Me To The Moon.

Then finally realizing why I bought the DVD was because there were 4 episodes of EVA on it, I then clicked on the first episode of the legacy and then got my popcorn ready. (I prefer pretzels but this is all I had.) Seeing what had have been seen before, I wasn't at all impressed about the video quality. It definite surpasses the LD and VHS versions, and I was really impressed that all the Japanese text was translated. (and I mean EVERYTHING, from the text on the signs, down to the text on Misato's risque photo) The quality and clarity never reached heights as seen in the DVD version of Tenchi Muyo In Love. Still, it's a lot more convienent to handle compared to the clumsily large LD, and the ever eroding VHS tapes.

I won't summarize the story because you've probably have heard it one way or another, but I will comment on the translation. Featured in four different languages; read it, FOUR DIFFERENT LANGUAGES. French, Spanish, Japanese and English; hear your favorite characters spit out words you can't understand and make them sound like they're replicas of the golden rod; C3PO. The only subtitles are in English which is ok for me; since I prefer to watch it in Japanese with English subtitles. But having witnessed EVA in dubbed English before in latter episodes, I decided to give it a try. DOH! Don't try it because it'll probably kill you. The translation has butchered many of the important parts which define the character's personalities. If you thought Shinji was a whiner in Japanese, wait till you hear him in English. He's ten billion times worse than the young version of Luke Skywalker.

The EVA DVD is practically a no brainer because you know it's going to be good visuals and sound; the pure fact that it's a DVD. I just wish there were more extras, but I'm glad I waited for a medium that carried more than 2 episodes. I feel sorry for all those who got the entire series on VHS in a measily 2 episodes per tape. Now, they'll have to buy it all over again, but on DVD.

Artwork (technical) - 3.5/5
Artwork (creative) - 5/5

Animation (technical) - 4/5
Animation (creative) - 4.5/5

Audio (technical) - 3.5/5
Audio (creative) - 4.5/5

Implementation - 5/5
Ambience - 5/5

Continuity - 5/5
Plot - 5/5

Fun Factor - 4/5

Overall Value - 5/5
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