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Name: Briganty - The Roots of Darkness (71.11% in 18 votes)
Type: RPG
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: TGL - Japanese
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: Lamuness

Briganty was a pretty famous H-ARPG for the PC-9801 platform, and now Giga is porting this game into win9x.

The prologue is actually pretty funny. You play the role of Gady, a black magician who is not only good at fire magic, but also martial arts. Gady is an adventurer and has a angel/fairy/sprite called Leena following him.

The story starts when the 2 are walking in the woods very hungry when they see a girl sitting on the ground. Gady runs to her and sees if she is ok (of course ignoring Leena's existence). The girl said that she was robbed by bandits and needed $$ for her journey, and she was willing to give herself to him. Leena became suspicious, but Gady, who is called by Leena as "the pervert of the century," agreed without hesitation. Leena of course went angry, but Gady wraps her with his jacket pocket so she shuts up while he has fun. Gady somehow went unconscious, and when he woke up he found out that the girl is gone and stole all his money.

Leena of course started flaming Gady that he lost all the food money, but anyways they walked on and came across a lake and they decided to go for a drink. However, they caught a glimpse of a girl taking a bath there. The girl saw them and of course gave Gady a good beating. Gady went unconscious for a second time and when he recovered he found himself in an inn, in a town called Galia. He went downstairs to the pub and sees a girl seeking for help. The girl turns out to be the girl at the lake who knocked out Gady. Her name is Selphina, a master of the chain sword. She explained that she and her sister were exploring a cave when her sis discovered a sword. After getting a sword, Selphina's sis went beserk and start attacking any adventurer that came near her. Gady agreed to help see what is going on, and Selphina asked what he wanted as reward. Gady said no money is necessary, but a kiss at the cheek, a kiss at the mouth, etc etc. Undoubtedly, Gady got a second beating he deserved. But anyways, this is how the story begins.

Briganty is a horizontal scroll action game like Mario or Castlevania. However, there are RPG elements added to it. As you beat up enemies you will gain experience. Through that you will level up which raises your status and be stronger. There are also special combos, but they are only available if you reach a certain level as well as if you can master it. Aside from jumping and punching, Gady has lots of other moves that makes this game fun, but you will have to find out how to make these moves. In addition, occassionally, Selphina will join the scene and you can control her as the playable character.

Graphics-wise, the CGs are not as vivid as the current ones, but that is because it's a PC-9801 port, so it's understandable. However, Briganty is a much much better port than V.G Custom. The battle scrolls are much smoother than V.G and there is no lagging at all. In addition the stages are in 640x480 resolution unlike V.G.'s horrible 320x240 screen.

The main drawback for Briganty would be the music. The MIDI sounds really bad, and it's buggy that at times it fails to replay the music. In addition, the game overall is too easy and too short. There are around 7-8 stages but they are a little bit too short. Also, level up is really quick in Briganty so it is very easy to reach max level in no time. Adding all these together means that you should be able to finish this game within a day.

Overall Briganty is an alright game with some problems, but definitely better than V.G. Custom. The story is interesting and definitely humorous. The stages are cool, fun and runs smoothly, but they are too short and lacks challenge. However, it is really rare to see a H horizontal action game, so I really should give Giga credit for it. If you long for H-action RPG games but want one that does not take too much of your time, then you will definitely want to try Briganty.
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