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Name: 2189 (51.56% in 45 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: DOS
Company: Lucky Duck / Greap
Release date: 1990
Reviewed by: Cloud

The game has a RPG-like story-line, but it has so many details about some fantasized gods and devils that it might be hard to understand. Yet, the game is just about saving your girl friend from the demonized enemies. The year is 2189. The city of Osaka has been redeveloped starting from 30 years ago, and there are 5 projects that are particularly prominent. You in the game happen to be a god living in human form, yet without knowing it, you live in a rotten building and there is this girl you really like. One day, she comes to you crying and asking for help to find her friend, who disappears with a man right before her eyes like a mist. You then start the adventure with your girl-friend, but unfortunately she is kidnapped also. The man behind all this is the mayor, and this mayor who everyone knows is actually not human at all. He is a dark god who is planning to turn the human world into his kingdom of monsters and devils. You come to know a god in your adventure, and other gods' help, you are able to recover your god power and partial memory of your past. You then set off to fight that dark god who is holding on to your girl and is turning Osaka into a hellish place. However, when you have almost defeated him with all your guts and energy, you find out that this dark god is not a bad person in the beginning, and the gods who are helping you are not doing him justice actually. Moreover, you finally realize that you are only the 3rd generation of the god you were told to be, and the 1st generation, that is, your ancestor, is still living somewhere else and he is quite cruel with the subjects he has created and ruled... Confused eh? Anyway, that's the story and you aren't supposed to know all of these until the very ending of the game. That is, besides playing the game to save that girl and get all the H-Pictures, this long and boring plot is also what you get as a reward.

The game play is real easy and there is only one ending! Being a dos game, the graphics were not that good and the music were also average done. The game has some very cute dialogs which is quite funny. There are no extras like cg, music room.

There is a lot of extra buildings in the game that you need not go to but it gives you some H-Pictures at the counter! The map is not very large and you should be able to navigate around easily as people in that town might give you some information on the various buildings.

Overall, 2189 is an average game. The most attractive part is that there are tons of H-Pictures in the game although it's not in good quality.
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