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Name: Amy's Fantasies (Eimi to Yobenai de) (52.00% in 5 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Himeya Soft
Release date: 1990
Reviewed by: Mike

Hey all,

I'm back a third time with Csware's Amy's Fantasies (Eimi to Yobenai de).

Warning: I'd like to tell you now that Amy's Fantasies has scenes of S&M, humiliation, bondage, toys, anal intercourse, and golden showers amongst others. If these sorts of things greatly offend you, it may affect your enjoyment of the game.

Quick Summary: Amy's Fantasies, by Csware, has been ported over to the States by Himeya Soft. Amy's Fantasies is a comedy adventure game where you play the part of Emi as she quests to find her one true love, Tomomi.

Storyline: As stated above, you play the part of Emi, a high-school girl with a very strong love for her younger step-brother (your father married his mother after both of you were born). She finally decides that it is time to confess her love to him, since it is near her 18th birthday. But, before the climactic moment where you can confess your love, debt collectors arrive to confiscate your fathers properties, and Tomomi goes missing! And this is where the game truly begins.

Thoughts: Amy's Fantasies is very much a comedy-romance. Emi is put into situations that are completely ridiculus as she looks for her missing step-brother. In the mean time, Emi is tempted by all sorts of distractions; and starts to develop a 2nd personality, Amy. Whereas Emi simply wants to find Tomomi, Amy is a little more... hentai. The interaction of Emi/Amy with all the other characters simply adds to the humor.

The story is very romantic (Emi trying to refind her one, true love), but it is told in a very tounge-in-cheek style. Overall I got the impression that this game was a parody of the usual "quest-to-find-your-true-love" sorts of games because of the absolute ridiculus situations that occur.

I believe Csware originally made this game in 1996, and Himeya ported it into the States in 1998. I was using the English version for my review.

The graphics are very good. You can tell they are dated, and they don't use many different colors, but they are sharp and clean, with good use of lines and shadows. The characters also give the appearance of being 'alive' because eyes blink and mouths move. Still... I found them ho-hum. Graphics really aren't this games strong point.

This games strong point is in the seiyuu (voice acting), and the humor. Whoever Csware got to play the parts of Emi/Amy, Tomomi, Reiko, Satomi, Kyoko, and the others did a great job. Emi/Amy's voice is perfect... especially when she is getting excited and her heart can't stop beating like a drum ("Doki-doki-doki). A very good job by the voice actors.

To add to this, between each of the three scenarios is a short "In our next epsidoe" kinda thing done by the cast. The cast even jokes about how their roles constantly change, and they argue about who gets to play what part. About half way through each scenario is a commercial (which is still in Hiragana as far as I can tell). All in all, this makes it a very amusing and humorous game.

The music and the sound effects are midi, and a good variety of them plays throughout the game. So you don't have to worry about hearing the same 4 songs over and over again; I believe Amy's Fantasies have some 12 or 13 themes. But, as with the older Csware games, the music frequently drowns out the voice actors, and you really want to hear what the characters are saying. So I had to play the game with the Music off. This also led to the unfortunate accident that some of the humor is based on the BGM (In one scene the music suddenly changes to a more... intimate sounding music, and Emi comments on it. But I had the music off, so I didn't hear the sudden change in music).

The translation is pretty good. It keeps with the tounge-in-cheek nature of the game. There are no 'Americanized' lines, though sometimes the slang that is used seems very odd. There were a couple of problems where the wrong character was listed as talking, spelling mistakes, and spacing mistakes; but nothing that detracts from the game.

The extras are very good. There are 2 long movie files from the OVAs (one of Emi imagining she's with Tomomi, and one where she marries Tomomi). Most of the pics you see in the game are present, but some are noticeably gone; like the very first scene where you are in class thinking ecchi thoughts about Tomomi, and start drooling... even though the teacher is screaming your name. It's not that big of a loss, but some players might be annoyed that the pics section only has about 85% of the pics in the game. The short comercial sequences you can't see either (unless you play to that part of the scenario).

You can also play all the music in the game.

Lastly, extras wise, there is a short hidden game that you are told about by the cast after you complete the entire game. The hidden game includes more pics, a discussion on the use of contraceptives, and a trailor for the game.

Now I did have some complaints with Amy's Fantasies. As stated above, the music frequently drowned out what the characters were playing, so I was unable to listen to the music until I beat the game. With only one ending, and only one hidden extra, the game has marginal replayabilty. Once you beat the game, it's pretty much over. The only time you'd want to replay the game would be to hear the great voice acting, or to see the commercials. Another problem I had was sometimes the eyes and mouths didn't blink and move; couldn't figure out why. The last problem I had was sometimes the voice acting seemed to abruptly stop... and then restart; though I do blame this more on plug-and-pray software apps then the game since I couldn't get the problem to consistently occur.

Overall, a very fun and humorous romp of a game.

Story: 7.5
Graphics: 7.5
Translation: 9.0
Sound/Music: 8.5
Voice Acting: 10.0
Extras: 8.5
Replayability: 5.0
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