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Name: Eva And Friends (80.00% in 4 votes)
Type: MJ
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Gainax
Release date: 1990
Reviewed by: Ayanabi

Title: Eva to Yuukai na Nakamatachi Tatsui Hokankekaku

Gainax sure knows how to squeeze every cent out of their otakus. Gainax have successfully influnced the anime market with series like kareshi kanojo no jijou and Neong Genesis Evanglion. Its now almost a year since the release of final movie to eva which concluded the EVA period finally. But a few months ago Gainaxv *shamelessly* released another eva related game. There is more than one eva game but this one was actually made by Gainax with 'original' art. Its also Hentai.

As you run this game you will soon notice its not an easy game. For thoes who don't know Mahjong very well this game is gona turn out as a waste of time. Mahjong is not an easy game to play. In Eva and friends its even harder. Your objective is to win someone over the game 'many' times. Everytime you win you will be graded with a score. Your oponent will get a negative score depending how well 'he' or she did. After your oponents score = Zero or less you win and they strip for you. Gainax was able to think up a few really interesting mahjong rules and even give you the option to use it or not. You can turn thoes rules off and on in the option menu along with CG album and voice acting. Game looks Macromedia-ish AKA made in macromedia so its both Mac and PC compatible(but don't quote me on that). I have spent 2 hours on the first day i got this game to try to make Misato strip which i failed cause she keeps kicking shinji's ass. So then i humble-ly open up my hacking utils and quickly unlocks the game for full CG interphase. Ah WTF? Only 5 pics per character... Well at least they are partially naked.

Can't really complain about the sound and music. They sound authentic to me and were able to bore me out of my mind. There is hardly any voice other than Chi pon and sound effects like that. boo to gainax.

Well if you have watched the TV series of Eva you will probabily know who is who. Since its called Eva and FRIENDS after all so there is more than just Eva ppl. The drawings are all pretty much standard nothing fancy. I think the director rather wanted to get this thing over so he can move to new projects. There are also a few other characters which i failed to recognize. Its really easy to tell the difference between the quality of this two series. Its like being done by 2 different companies.

Japanese Level:
You don't need much of Japanese to play this game. You do need high level to be able to read the help file. Not if it matters.

Over Performance:
The game is too hard for short time ppl. It takes too long and after playing 2 hours of 1on1 mahjong it gets really boring. I would suggest people not to play mahjong with computers. They cheat.

Overall Score 7.5/10
Graphic 8/10
Sound/Music 6/10
Console 7/10
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