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Name: Breath Of Fire 3 (88.10% in 21 votes)
Type: RPG
Platform: PSX
Company: Capcom
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: Great Teacher

The makers of fighting games have once again brought their only RPG series to home system. With the company's focus shifting to 32-bit platform, we now can expect enhanced graphic, deeper story, and more secretes. Capcom has released Breath of Fire 1 and 2 on Super Famicom and now BOF3 on PlayStation. With the enhanced features made possible by PlayStation, BOF3 utilizes a 3-D perspective of the world instead of the old 2-D.

The beginning of the game is taken place in Dauna Mine (place where many magic-capable monsters are buried). The mine is constantly being dug for ghost coal (high-energy coal). Two of the miners, Mogu and Giri, found a crystal that sealed the dragon form of you inside. They decided to destroy the crystal. As they successful destroy the crystal, you (Ryu) are set free. Realizing that you are still alive, the two frightened miners threw a stone at you trying to keep you away. However, this action exasperates you. As a result, you cooked them with you flame. Then, you began your plan of escape. Unfortunately, you are knocked down by the hoist and locked into a cell. After they put you into the cell, the miners decided to transport you out of the coal mine. During the transport, you manage to knock your cell out of the train and fall into the forest. You are knocked unconscious as a result of the fall. From here, on you will transform to your human form. Not long after, you will be saved by a half tiger, half human person named Rei. After the regain of your conscious, you will begin a journey to uncover your identity and war in the past.

BOF3 is an improvement over the first two installments. However, compared to many other 32-bit games, the graphics are considered to be 2-nd grade. The hand-drew characters are just too 16-bit liked. The magic in the game is just too weak and unexciting. Unlike Final Fantasy's stunning magic of Bahamut flying out of earth and crash the enemy with fireball, BOF3's magic is just a tiny, plain explosion. Also, even though you are allowed to rotate your view (you can find some hidden item sometimes when you view it at different angle), but the perspective is only limited to 45-degree right and left.

Overall, this is a fun game to play. However, I don't recommend you buying it if you have tried FF7. The Final Fantasy 7's superior graphics and mystic story will just blow BOF3 away.


Graphics - 6.5/10 Good drawings. Those of you who still like hand drawings should like this game's graphic. The graphic of the game looked somewhat kid-liked. The characters are cute and small. The big of flaw of the game, however, is that BOF3 lack a decent intro. Many excellent games like FF7, FFT, TOD, and Xenogears all have a stunning intro that attracts your attention to the game.

Music - 6.5/10 The music are not very exciting. The music is missing some stunning music that was well packed in games like FF7. The BGM is just not dramatic enough at the time of danger or during a time of crisis.

Gameplay - 6/10 There are not too much magic to use in the game and you can die pretty easily (since your HP is only about 150 at level 25). Most of the special attacks in the game are weak, so the only efficient way of killing enemies is using fight. The good part about BOF3 is that it has a nifty little fishing game that you can play with. As far as I know, the fishing you caught can be traded for other items.

Story - 7/10 It's pretty interesting story. As you go on with your journey, you will start knowing more about the clan of dragon.
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