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Name: Beserker (96.92% in 13 votes)
Platform: VHS/VCD
Company: Unspecified
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: Ayanabi

The story drops in with our main character as a dark knight wondering around the realm slaying monsters and evil power. Our hero named Gatsu uses a sword thats the same size as his build, big and thick.

It all started when he was once a child. After his parents were murdered he joined under the wings of a mercenary leader and was taught how to fight with large swords(blade). Later on the so called father tried to kill this now stronger kid but instead, got slayin him self. gatsu ran away joining other groups of mercenary only as an income source. Later on as his journey begun he encountered Griffith(gurifisu) and became his servant. The untamed gattsu fell to his feet and submited to Griffiths charm.

Their journey begun after that day. Griffith's ambition is to become KING or ruler of a kingdom. Hes background as a pesant didn't give him much hope but he had faith and believed in his sword and gattsu's killing ability. Eventually gattsu figured out what gives Griffith his power and charm. Gods hand descended on the 2 which became their last battle together then Gattsu broke off with Griffiths. He know remains alone and in his own world, slaying evil. After a few more scenes the series ends in a mysteri ending. The word is, you will have to read the manga to find out what happened(danm what a rip off! Now i gota read manga 10+ to find out! waste of money too!)

Graphic notes, This is a special series it didn't attract alot of good animators due to its violent graphics. However the producer really had a good idea how to arrange the series with average animators to produce an excellent success. He was able to manipulate angles of view point and also using powerful still frames to show how cool our hero is.

PS. The story is really good. Although its a bit 'Bastard' like i still enjoyed watching it. Its got alot of blood also. Although the ending was really a killer. I give it an 8 out of 10.
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