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Name: Glory and Dream
Type: FUN
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: FireFox Studio
Release date: 2000
Reviewed by: Ayanabi

Its the year 2000, the millenium and the turn of century. A lot of gamers out there have been hoping that this might mean for a turn in the gamin industry. It is time for them to use the avalible high tech resources and make some good games with killer effects and blasting sound effects...

Well... This is not the case!

FireFox Studio came out this year with a puny game called Glory and Dream. Its JUST another imitation of monopoly. Well lets drop the imitation. The graphics and sound was careless done. Looks like a failed game yet the cheap production studio were able to throw it out on the market and slap people with it.

The story has its good points but it's not attractive enough. Even a high school kid can write better story lines than this. Over population has become a big problem. Space migration have started. While the race starts UN asks people to calm down to avoid intergallatic wars. Your mission is to MIGRATE. Start with 100K and play all the way to your new planet.

Game Console/Interphase
This game is trying to clone RICH or Monopoly for sure. But it failed. It doesn't have good control value. There are not as many options that you can chose from as RICH or Monopoly.

I had to add the score together to get a positive number here. The graphics of this game are not good at all. The artist really slacked off alot. The engine creator too i would say. Its got that old 90s RPG look to the engine. Badly chosen sound that can be found on Internet.

Recommended to 'NO ONE' so don't buy it. Unless you disbelieve me.
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