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Name: Hushaby Baby (25.00% in 4 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Alicesoft
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: Kyubi Fox

You must have heard about user clubs for game makers. Most of them feature discounts, newsletters and special web pages for members. Alicesoft is one of the few that actually make member-only games. The price is 2800 yen which is about half the street price for good "real" games.


Story: 3/10
In this game you had a girlfriend who died in a train accident about a month ago. One day, when you are going back to your home, you found her waiting at the door! The story starts from there and last for several days as you accompany her through the last days before the 49th day after she died (traditionally the day when ghosts go to Hades forever).
The setting is extremely promising, but the lack of plot kills everything. There is a very limited display of the two people's emotions about the situation. All they do is H. There are a lot of opportunities for development but instead turned into a H scene. They do talk in the h scenes but doesn't move the plot forward.
I also feel bad about the ending (it is nicely done. You will either LOVE it or absolutely HATE it, depending on you taste), but that does not affect the score here.

Gameplay: 2/10
This is a standard adventure game withvery limited choices. The most unusual feature of this game has got to be the ability to select the dialect between standard and kansai. You can easily change the dialect in the middle of the game, but that doesn't take effect immediately for the current line so you can't compare the two effectively.
The game is also increditably short. It takes only two to three hours to complete, and there are no branches which reduce replay value dramatically.

Graphics: 7/10
Good though not insane as usual for Alicesoft games. The girl especially look very good. The number of CG's is good for the price.

Music/Sound: 6/10
There are six pieces in total and they are all nice. Music are in MIDI though which takes some points off. No voice acting as usual for Alicesoft games.

Overall: 3/10
Buy this game only if you are an insane ALicesoft fan who love h scenes. The story is simply too short to be fun. It is not worth it for the CG's either because Darcrows has more than three times the CG's plus voice acting. For 2500 yen, you can buy the Queen of Heart '99, which is the best fighting game for the PC.

Written by Kyubi Fox 4/7/2000
All pictures copyrighted by Alicesoft.
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