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Name: Line Girls (60.00% in 3 votes)
Type: PUZ
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Never Ending
Release date: 2000
Reviewed by: KurenaiJiku

A comment about the name first; lame name, but it makes sense in a sort of idiotic kinda way. Aside from the name, the game is fun. If anybody has played Gals Panic before, this game is the exact same thing but with a different look and girls.

You are a funny little thing that goes around drawing enclosed shapes in a screen size arena. Each fully drawn enclosed shape will reveal more of a hidden picture in the background. Most of the pictures are girls in risque or nude postions if you didn't know at first. Sounds simple? Well, to adhere your progress into the exciting (oooo) journey of revealing all the pictures of the assorted girls in the game are an variety of baddies. If you or a drawn line is touched by any of these enemies, then you lose a life till you lose all your lives. Then it's just game over and you have to start over again. Totally pointless for net goers as they can get their "stimulation" by downloading hentai pictures with little trouble. However, if you're looking for some challenge before you get your "rewards", then this game would be ideal.

The graphics are interesting as they seem to be in 16 bit color; very sharp and defined. There is little blurring and each picture has that very H game-ish look. The pictures of the girls are somewhat drawn well with good proportion and coloring. Sometimes the girls are a bit out of perspective but it's nothing to get tensed about. However, if you hate that type of character where it's a girl that's just plain "cute", has funny colored hair, and is always smiling or in some kinda "I'm innocent but touch me"-type of expression, then you're certainly not going to like this game. I personally dislike H game girls a lot at many times, and often I avoid them as much as possible. Though, I believe that this game would be somewhat fun if I had the time for it.

The problem is that after 10 minutes of this game, one can easily master the strategic theory of the dynamics. After an hour or two, I'm sure anybody within average intelligence levels can clear the game completely. If you're one of those people who look down at Final Fantasy games because they're just way too easy, then this game isn't your money or your time. But if you're the younger type and gaming isn't your thing, then choose this game as it does provide some "stimulation" and also builds some hand/eye coordination.

As for sound, the game surprisingly packs some well sounding tunes. It mostly carries a pseudo techno-rock sort of juke box which does provide a very fun and arcade feel through out each stage of the game. It fits the game perfectly, but I wouldn't want to buy a soundtrack for this game.

Line Girls although quite plain, boring and conceptually overused, the game can be fun for gaming beginners. For veterans, I suggest wasting your money and time on something more worthwhile.

Graphics (technical) - 3/5
Graphics (creative) - 1/5

Sound (technical) - 3/5
Sound (creative) - 2.5/5

Technical Gameplay - 2.5/5
Fun Factor - 3.5/5

Diversity of Features - 2/5
Story - n/a

Overall Value - 2.5/5
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