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Name: Bardysh (85.00% in 2 votes)
Type: RPG
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Unknown
Release date: 2000
Reviewed by: KurenaiJiku

First off, I must say how crappy of a game this is. If it's all made by one person, then I must commend who ever made it. However, if it was made by a group of people this game just really sucks bad. Allow me to explain.

Taking on a very stereotypical formula made by the old day's Moria and Final Fantasy is an attempt to make a mixture of both. However, we both know this has never been done successfully from what I can remember. Bardysh instead takes all the weaknesses and incoherences of both games and puts them together to get this mess of a game. The game is incredibly simple; run around dungeons and slash enemies up. Much like the Diablo/Moria formula, but extremely poorly implemented. The game has absolutely no mood at all with some characters in school outfits, while some characters in Asian medieval costumes, while some in modern military uniforms. There is no explanation of why the character designs were like this, nor were there any implications of it's reasons. Instead, there is a mismash of environments trying to support it's already mixed up world. As you can notice in the screenshots on the right, there are roman-influenced pillars while a head of a moose hangs on the wall. Certainly a sign of interior design inexperience, no knowledge of coherent history, or just plain bad taste.

The game is relatively easy to play even if you don't know Chinese at all. There is no skill to build your characters during real time combat; even that isn't that dynamic. Taking on a rather pathetic shadow of Zelda, your character has no unique attacks whatsoever, and no differentiating characteristics between each class that you're able to select. You have one type of movement; walking, and one type of attack; punch, slash kick, whatever. Whatever weapon your character class carries and uses, produces no different effect even if a wizard or warrior uses it. There is no difference in damage inflicted, nor speed which entirely defeats the purpose of character class. It is much like the rather bland characters in Final Fantasy 8 in terms of differentiating traits, strength, magic, etc.

Although I cannot read Cantonese, the game has no characteristics to express it's moods or ambience, therefore I got bored of the game rather quickly. Text is not everything in a game, but also the environment which is theoritically supposed to envolve the player into the game's universe. If a game is incapable of such a thing, then it has already missed half of the RPG formula. I didn't even play the game for more than 5 minutes.

Graphics and sound? As a digital graphic artist slash game designer myself, I find this game incredibly poorly done. The dungeon roaming although in realtime rendered 3D, the environmental modelling both in and out of the dungeon isn't well done at all. Anything that is pre-rendered 3D is bland, dull and has absolutely no hard shadows at all making the game lose a lot of it's intended isometric depth. The colors in the game are dull and blurry, and the game being in 640 by 480 resolution; it makes it all the worse. Sound is absolutely horrendous as the ambience (rather pathetic ambience) is filled with stock video game tunes which rival the old 8 bit games in terms of lameness. It doesn't even come close to the 8 bit gaming greatness which Konami produced in their music.

Let's just say the game "sucks" and isn't worth anybody's time to play the game fully, or even purchase the game. If you see this game, make a big laugh, roll on the ground screaming "OH THE PAIN!!! OH THE PAIN!!!", or simply just walk away trying to convince yourself you didn't see such a bad game on the retail shelf.

Graphics (technical) - 1/5
Graphics (creative) - 1/5

Sound (technical) - 2/5
Sound (creative) - 1/5

Technical Gameplay - 1/5
Fun Factor - 1/5

Diversity of Features - 1/5
Story - 1/5

Overall Value - 1/5
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