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Name: Nobu 8 (76.67% in 3 votes)
Type: STG
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Koei Japan
Release date: 2000
Reviewed by: Nameless

nother fine title from Koei, which has been famous for its historic simulation games. Nobu, which is already in its eigth sequel, featured totally revised graphics, and more options to simplefied the gameplay. Based on the war torn japan during the 16th century, as a player, you will unit the land with your force, while learning some of the most important events during that era.

The land of Japan is separated into 64 regions, each with one main city and few smaller cities. Depend on the character you choose, you will play with a preset number of regions. You have to manage your land to earn golds, and foods for the army, while acquiring more generals to join you. The easiest way will be conquring other regions and make them yours. Overall, the fame score will show your accomplishment, its base on the city you own, the battles you won, and the title you gained from the king/governor, will directly affect how other generals look at you. If its too low, no one cares, as it goes higher, prisoners will likely surrender, while lone generals will start to join you, making your conqest a bit easier. Each general has a skill rating in its unit types, higher it goes, the more damage it can be infected on enermy while taking less damage from it. There is also special skills can be learned in battle or improved with special items from merchanse, that will make the generals more effcient in battles or in the city. While winning more battles, your general will also gain special points that will grant him additional titles, which allow him to carry more soilders.

There are only 2 battle terrains, either in the city or on the wild. Each general will have its own group of army, the more generals you have, the easier the battle will be, assume you have sufficent soldiers for them. The battle in the wild is pretty straight forward, attack until one side has retreated or captured. You can attack alone or when you have the chance, use the join attack with any units near the enermy unit which can deal alot more damage. City battle, will require to break down doors, higher the city's defense are, the more damage the door can withstand. The main part of the battle is the army morale, at a point of 30, soilders will stared to run away, while at 0, the battle ends. The morale play a very important role in the game, some cities with high defence and lots of generals and armies, since you have only 30 days in each battle, quickest way to win the battle is to lower their moral by beating enermies units or conquering city towers. There are serval unit types, the basic foot soilder type, which can carry either a bow for long range, a sword for short range, and a stick for preventing horsemen's rush attack. The horsemen unit will have a special rush attack which can do alot of damage. The gunmen unit will shoot at a distance only during none rainy days, and have slower movement. The last unit type is the combination of horseman and guns.

The following is what its new in the expansion pack:
-You have many more scenarios to choose from, the regular long scenarios or short scenarios which you have to complete certain task in a limited amount of time.
-Make more special items or create your own characters with many portraits to choose from, even portaits from the sango 6 game, whierd.
-play as almost any character from the game.
-Important events you encounter during the game are recorded, if you are intrested.

The Good - Addictive, isn't that enough?

The Bad - Cannon is rare and unuseful at times, miss alot. Metal ship is almost never used, since almost all battles are on land.

The Bottomline - The expansion pack didn't seem to offer much, unless you like to play more of the same.
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