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Name: Silent M÷bius (82.86% in 7 votes)
Platform: VHS/VCD
Company: Kadokawa Shoten
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: Ayanabi

After watching this 26 episode anime i have to agree that most rumors about it were untrue. Before starting to watch Silent M÷bius most of people around me and online offline told me that it sucks. After judging it byu my self i gota say this is not a waste of time. Some of you might think that i am just BS-ing on how good it is but the truth is you gota judge your self. Weather a Anime Series is good or bad is all up to your own judgement. Reviews and friend recommendations are just extra notes for you to keep in mind. Sometimes a reviewer can even be biased and not tell you the whole truth. Well here i will tell you everything about Silent M÷bius.

The Story Line *SPOILER*
Established in 2023 by Chief Rally Cheyenne, the Attacked Mystification Police Department was created to determine the causes of the Creature Traps of the early 21st Century. Its Charter is to protect the innocent and unknowing citizens of Tokyo from the indescriminate attacks of the Lucifer Folk entities. They are an independant division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, responsible for Type 3 cases -- supernatural situations beyond the juristiction of the TMPD. Their surveillance and encounters with the Lucifer Folk have provided valuable data on the dark world, Nemesis.

Originally based in Precinct 65, the headquarters of the organization was mysteriously destroyed in 2026 following an encounter with an enitity known as Mova de Badina. Individuals working on the side of Nemesis have claimed responsibility for the attack. Following a brief relocation to Precinct 21, the home of these highly skilled women was permanently moved to Precinct 66 in 2027. This building was redesignated as Precinct 00, and is now Headquarters to both the TMPD and AMPD.

in my own words the story is about a girl named Kasumi that fights off Lucifer Hawk and saves the humans from being slaughtered. Her father a great mage tried to block Lucifer Hawk from coming to earth which failed. One of his students created the Silent Death which Destroyed earth basically. The remaining people lived in Tokyo and place around it. Few years later Kasumi joins the AMP to fight off the Lucifer Hawks. While doing so she finds more truth about here identity and her fathers memories. She also fell in love with Roy from Mobil Assult department. After some twists in the plot she finds out shes half human half Lucifer Hawk, being soo pissed she dumps ROy because she is afraid that she might hurt him. Roy didn't give up at all he stood up and won her love. He showed Kasumi that not even death would scare him. After Kasumi finaly accepted him and united...Next morning Roy was killed and Kasumi went berserk. While later she pops up being controlled by the Sword's soul she attacks her own partners and trys to destroy the city. But she failed. Why and how? you have to watch the awesome ending by it self.

This Series deals with the thinking side abit more but not soo BS like EVA or don't need an IQ of 34956823756908347 to watch this so don't be afraid. Just sit back enjoy.

Graphic 8/10
Sound/VA 7/10
Story 8/10
PS its not a waste of time :)
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