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Name: Viper Islands Series (44.12% in 17 votes)
Type: FUN
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Sogna
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: Dakkath

The Viper Islands games can be roughly described as sort of a toybox offering from Sogna. So far there are 6 Island titles, each of them very similar from the last, with the only difference being an addition of characters or a new minigame idea. Because each title is so similar, there really isn't a reason to review each of them separately.

Each Viper Island incarnation utilizes programming done completely with Macromedia Shockwave. All of the games feature the exact same interface, without so much as even changing the title screen. Even the opening music is the same. (Though in my opinion, this is a pretty catchy song.)

Within the games, there are always 4 different areas to explore:

Carnival: Here is where to go if you want to play the minigames. There will always be 3 minigames which are very simple, and range from a where's waldo type game to pulling the panties off your favorite viper characters. The only real constantly reappearing minigame is Illustlogic. In this game, the playfield is very similar to a crossword puzzle grid, and the objective is to use numerical hints to draw the picture.

Temple: This is where you'd go if you wanted to play a slightly (very slightly) more complex game. Usually there is a viper related RPG, or a mini AVG game here to try.

Hospital?: This is probably one of the more appealing factors of owning this game. Sogna gives loyal fans a chance to make a contribution to the series. In the Hospital, you can read up on what fans write in, or take a gander at some fanart.

House: Something different always happens here. In one volume, the player can spy on a viper character during any hour of the day, and in a different volume, its merely an animated slideshow.

In my opinion, these games are actually pretty good at passing a little time in-between downloads, or if just stewing about on the computer. They are kind of like desktop games. (I'd interchange this with solitaire any day ^~)

Lastly, these games are based directly off new characters in upcoming Viper games. When viper GTB was released, Viper Islands 6 followed suit and featured characters from GTB added to the cast. So as long as Sogna keeps going with the Viper Series, the Island games will continue to keep coming as well.

Pros: A fun and short game for those of you who don't have much time.

Cons: Not much variety. Can finish a whole volume in about an hour. (Depends on how long you bust your brain on Illustlogic.)

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