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Name: Kenshin OVA (100.00% in 8 votes)
Platform: VHS/VCD
Company: Sony Pictures Entertainment
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: Ayanabi

After years of following the Kenshin Manga(Kenshin TV blows) finaly something thats plesant to the eye was released. After nearing the end of manga release on popular series Kenshin, SPE decided to create something that does not suck. Kenshin OVA was put on the production. This 4 episode OVA series soon became the talk of day on all anime channels. After around 1.5 years of waiting all 4 were released on DVD.

Kenshin OVA is about kenshin's childhood, or rather, how he became a battousai. If you read the manga then you are pretty familiar with the story. It all started when first Shinta(later named Kenshin) was rescued by his master. His master tought him the skills to kill. The new goverment assigns targets for kenshin to asssinate inforder to over run the old goverment. later kenshin retreats to farm life with tomoe as his wife. but the unexpected happened. You you want to know more watch the OVA series.

The graphic of this 4 episode is astonishing. very high quality graphics accompanied with really good BGM ( althou it kinda sounds like the sound track from 'the rock' ). The director really did a good job in manipulating the stage and enviroment for effects. he really created such effects that will make you gasp.

Graphics 9/10 Awesome graphic manipulation by SPE team
Music/sound 8/10 The BGM sounds kinda familiar to me ^_^;
Violence 9/10 Although you don't see guts flying around you will regret seeingthe opening though

its got Easy japanese so you should be able to understand most of it. I would recommend all kenshin/samurai lovers to buy this DVD set...its really worthy of watching.
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