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Name: Queen of Heart '98, The (87.50% in 8 votes)
Type: FTG
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: ônò+É+ì8Åè
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: DarkWhisper

The name of this game is The Queen of Heart '98 very few know of this title but is one of my favourite fighting games. The game contains characters that are from the game called To heart which is very popular and has spawned lots of other games other than this fighter. This games concept is simple to win against your oponent in a street fighter way. Queen of Heart '98 borrows moves from other 2D fighting games to use for the characters. Each character has her strengths and weakness. Also each character can do special moves when their power bar reaches a point.

QOH98 has taken the good parts of 2D fighters of the past years to put them in the game and the TO HEART girls as the characters is a bonus. AKARI is my favourite ^_^ and Multi. The game has some cool animations that are very good. The selectable characters are exactly 10 girls with 2 other ones not seen on the screen press left key on AKARI and MULTI to get Yuki and Serio which is two of the best fighters. Also there is another character not included but has the same moves as AKARI she is OSAGE. You need the OSAGE patch to use her or it won't show. Read the Queen of Heart '98 FAQ on the support page here on densetsu to know what to do.

In the end it is a 2D fighting game that is fun to play with cool extras to keep you playing.

The game has some nice animations and runs in 320x240 screen resolution and also full screen. The backgrounds are nice but there is only 3!

The game can tell you how many frames your graphics card is running FPS on the top of the game screen shows you. 13 playable characters. The good parts of popular 2D fighters. Some cool sprite animations and others.

One of the few anime based fighters on the PC that is fun to play. All should try to play it but if you are looking for an anime fighter with a good original story this isn't your game.

Get the OSAGE PATCH on the download section and then go to UPGRADE. I uploaded it!
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