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Name: Waru Gaiden (74.17% in 12 votes)
Type: SIM
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Inter Heart
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: Ayanabi

First of all before I put this amazing game into words I want to clarify one thing. It's hard to define the game that I am about to write about. Its some what like ADV, but also, some what not. I put it as Simulation because it simulates a real situation.

This is one of the first class H-GAME money can buy. It is also one of its new kind (assuming there is no other ones close to this one). The game starts you off as a 'guy' going after girls. Like many other H-GAMES its purpose is to get the girl(s) that you want. But I don't really see a reason to finish the game with all the H going around. Story line is pretty much pointless.

The game console is one of the first. Your obejective is to get on a subway/train and flirt with girls. If you practice and learn the routine you will be able to H with all the girls that you want. So basically this game is a total pervertion. Your objective is to H the girls in the middle of day light in front of all this people in a crowded Train. Fun eh?

With the touch, poke, blow (blow air not blow job you perv!), and grab as simple commands you can submit a girl easily. The girls have 3 status bars. 1st status bar shows endurance. 2nd startus bar indicates heat (wetness) the 3rd indicates embarassment (tolerance). Once the second bar fills then she will run away. Once the second bar fills then shes ready to H.

Well to close up I should say this game is a MUST GET for all the hardcore gamers. H-SHOCK have released the pic packs some few months ago. Still its considered a new game cause H-SHOCK some how released the pics on the same week the game was released. Play it! It's a must play!

- Scoring Chart -

Sound/Music: 7/10
Just the regular stuff nothing fancy. But I just love the H-VAs. Wonder how do they actually look like.

Graphic: 8/10
The artist are pretty well talented. Good drawings and all. Corny animation though.

Console: 8/10
They did a really good job in making the console. It's easy and well configured. All the H commands are there.

Overall: 8/10
Go get it!
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