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Name: Dynasty Tour Of Soul (40.00% in 2 votes)
Type: ACT
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Unknown
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: Nameless

The game start out with a farmer, like many others joined a special army force, just for one reason, survival. As he performed each task he is assigned to, he will learn the treachery lies ahead of him. Another typical storyline, nothing really new.

If you ever play any of mechwarrior games, the gameplay is basically the same. Before each mission, you can equip your mech or read your mission briefs. While later on, more weapons and mechs will be avaiable to use. On the field, you can change views according to your liking, there are bird view, side view and behind the eye view. The mechs health meter is on the top left corner, it will flash when it reaches critical point. On bottom left side, its a minimap, which will show enermy mechs, buildings etc. You goal will likely be searching out enermy mechs and blow them up with your weapons, while avoiding their fires. Most of the time, enermy will attack in groups, therfore even on easy level where the computer's aim is bad, you'll see lots of shot everywhere, you might get a better chance of surivial if you just stand still and try to take out enermy mechs one by one. But most weapon will have ammo limits, so watch what you shoot.

The Good - Well done 3dfx graphics, all the explosions, back grounds looks really nice. Four modes to choose from, try 1024x728 if your system can handle it.

The Bad - Quite challenging even in easy mode, mech are slow moving and differcult to control for average gamers like me. Mechwarrior pros might think it differently.

The Bottomline - Although it may not be as intresting as the mechwarrior series, it'll still offer some thrills for your money.
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