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Name: Queen of Heart '99, The (89.13% in 23 votes)
Type: FTG
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: ônò+É+ì8Åè
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: Linglan

For those that love playing H-games, you will see some of your favorite female characters in here fighting with other babes. For those that play 98, it is the same as before but with more people and 4 players support. The title in short is QOH, sound like Kof but it is not. It offers totally different gameplay and style. And No, there is no HENTAI involve. Play the game where they belong and you will get hentai.

Well, there is no story. Just mindless battles like KOF98. I like a fighting games with a story, like KOF97. It offers a lot more accomplisment, save the earth especially when it is your favorite characters, than those that just shows you the credit. But for some, a good fight can replace the story.

The game is play in 320x240 resolution, it offers 640X480 resolution but it is just a double of original size. Even it is blocky, it is beautiful. You can still reconnais your favorite characters from those PIXEL. The characters are well animated, you won't see a character pop out a punch or fireball in one frame. Every characters got it own background. They look ok, but not impresive. They won't last in the memory for very long time.

No comments here. I am not a music expert, so I can't tell you anything. But everyone got there own music which is a good things, so is their moves. No, they won't shout out "HAKDOKEN" but "YEE ARRH" or sound effect, which is a downside. I like to know those moves name in speech.

As a fighting game players, a good control means winning and losing. Yet,this game offers no joystick support... which turn this great game into a living nightmare, almost. Keyboard setting is not very good in this game also, player are only allow to hold two keys at once. For example: you can only hold Down+Back for low defence and when you want to do low attack, you must let go Back and push attack which is very inconvient. Think about having 4 players playing on the same keyboard. Every characters are controlled by Up, Back, Right, Left and Weak, Medium, Strong attack.

The one major feature in this game is the 4 players support, but there is no tag moves. p_q The game is played like Marvel vs Capcom where your start you combos from weak to medium then strong attack and if the moves knock opponents up in air and you can jump up and air juggle them. Usually you can get 5~10 hits combo without a probleme. The game offers 5 different levels of gameplay: Easy, Normal, Hard, Nightmare and Hell. In Hell, the computer is cheating. They can take out a full bar in one combo. One of major complaint is that there is no pratice mode. As a fighting games players, we don't just want to win but to master every moves or combos. Those that have played will think that it is mindless button punching, but at least we need to know how many times we need to punch before it get out of range.

Cool fighting games with a lot of babes. They are not HOT but cute. This game is for those that likes to play fighting games or diehard fan that just want to collect anything that is relate to their favorite character. ~_~
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