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Name: Sango Heroes Legend
Type: STG
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Odin
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: Nameless


This game started around the year 200 in ancient China, during the sango dynasty, in english, its known as "the romance of three kindgoms". During that period, the land is occupied by serveal emperor, each with its own region. You as a player, will play as one of the emperor and claim victory by unite the land with your army.

As the game start, you will start out with at least one city or more. You goal will be recruiting more generals under your command, increasing city production in turn produce more gold to hire soilders, that will help you fight battles and eventually on your way to victory. Each general will have its own statics and special attacks as s/he leveling up by fighting battles. There are too many specail attacks to describe here, but basically just like the soliders, and strentgh of the general, it will affect the outcome of the battle.

When two army meets or trying to capture a defending city, the battle will occur in real time mode, and ends until all the generals on side are captured or escaped. Before the battle, you can pick your avaiable generals or plan your army's postion, while army type can be changed only during overworld map. When battle begins, the generals and their armys will crash on, until one of the general's health meter went down to zero.

The Good - Easy to learn, good solid graphics, combine with an innovative style of gameplay.

The Bad - Lots of battle, might get tiresome after awhile, espically later at the end, computer emperor will likely hide in one city with 10 generals in it.

The Bottomline - It has everything of what it takes to be a good game, and you'll likely want to come back for more, always.
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