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Name: Atlach Nacha (62.50% in 16 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Alicesoft
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: Great Teacher

The biggest PC game maker has released another great H-game for Jwin95. If you have known Alice Soft for some time, you should know that one of their best game series was the Alice's Mansion series. Not few month ago, Alice Soft has released yet another of their best game series, Alice's Mansion 4.5.6. In Alice's Mansion 4.5.6, there are four different games CDs included in the package. Among the four CDs is the game Atlach Nacha. Atlach Nacha is a horror H-adventure game that Alice Soft has included alone with the package of Alice's Mansion 4.5.6.

The story behind Atlach Nacha is that long, long time ago, there is a spider ogre named Hatsune. She had lived for hundreds of years and absorbed enough celestial energy released from nature that she was able to change into human form. However, one day a mysterious monk came to her place and nearly eliminated her since she had taken away some villager's life. Since that day, Hatsune had hid in her nest and waited for a revenge of the monk after her wound healed. Few hundreds years later, she moved out of her old nest and began to search for a new nest with high energy that can cure her wound. Finally, she found a perfect place for her new nest, a modern high school, and began her hunt for new, fresh, and live female student to heal her wound.

Atlach Nacha has a gameplay very similar to Leaf's visual novels. Basically, you are just flooded with lines after lines of story. The game will automatically targets three female students and tow male students for Hatsune to hunt down. However, depending on what choices you have selected throughout the game, their relations with Hatsune will change. In other word, the students will either be your controlled slave or a royal follower of yours depending on which choices you have selected. Overall, the game is fun to play (read should be more appropriate). Even though this game may not appear to interest you very much, but I still recommend getting the whole package because Alice's Mansion 4.5.6 has a great variety of fun games such as Zero Type.


Graphic - 9/10 Alice Soft has always been reputed for its excellent graphics. Atlach Nacha is not an exception also. The drawings are very beautiful and well done. The girls are very beautiful too. One good thing about Atlach Nacha is that unlike To Heart, you can see H-scenes every time you are able to control during nighttime. You will be able to choose whom you will drain the energy from.

Story - 8/10 The story is very interesting. Although this is a horror H-adventure game, I found it not too scary to play. After all, this is only an H-game anyway. You won't be able to enjoy the game as much if it scare hell out of you.

Gameplay - 5/10 There are not too much gameplay in this game that you can play with. Like To Heart, you will only be able to choose few choices. However, when I said there are not too much gameplay, it does not implies that the H-scenes are easy to master. In fact, it is impossible for you to see all the CG in one play. You have to play it over and over in order to see all the H-scene.

Music - ??/10 The version I have does not include sounds, so I was unable to hear how good the sound was. However, since this package [Alice's Mansion 4.5.6] is very popular in Japan and it was released by the top game maker in Japan, music should not to be too bad.
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