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Name: Initial D (99.09% in 11 votes)
Type: NVL
Platform: VHS/VCD
Company: Aiko Animation
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Tabris

To many of you, this manga should be fairly unfamiliar, because, this in fact, is not your typical infamous manga. But in fact, the series is actually fairly popular in japan and even asia now. The manga was actually drawn quite some time ago and in fact there were some console games released with the title Initial D as well.

The main story behind this is racing. Not just racing like formular car racing like cyber formula but this is the kind of racing that is fairly popular among people around 20 yrs old. Yes you guessed it, is drifting, downhill drifting at that. Personally i think the anime is very well drawn and the 3d computer graphics are just awesome. And since i am here to review on the anime not the manga i will start with how the anime start.

The story began with Takumi (main character) working at a gas station. One of his Senpais belong to a group of drifters whom goes by Akina Speedstars. One day when his best friend dragged him to go watch the Akina speedstars practice, he encounters a group of people from another city. They are called the redsuns and they are going around akagi to claim their never defeated and akagis quickest team title. Thus began a challenge from the redsuns against the akina speedstars. Sadly no body in Akina speedstars can take on Redsuns No. 2 guy Keiseiko who drives the FD3s rx7. Ikentani, the leader of Akina speedstars felt it was hopeless until he heard from his boss that Takumis father is probably, also known as the crazy drifter, the fastest downhills in all of akagi. So he went to meet Takumis father, and asked him to race. Takumis father declined it. Yet he found out one thing, that Takumi, who work at the same place he does can take the challenge. Undoubtedly, he went and won the race for Akina speedstars (With a AE86 Trueno!) . But his race doesn't end there, after this race, everybody kept constantly challenging him to race. The first series of Initial D is of 27 episodes with him racing many different cars. The last battle is with him racing against Ryo from Redsuns who drives a FC3s rx7 and supposedly has an undefeated record. It doesn't take a genius to figure out who won that race =)

On the otherside to note is the POP music played in the background during the races. It is highly intensive and really good. And i do mean REALLY good. At the same time that i am finished with this review, Initial D the manga is up to 17th volume with Takumi graduating from High school soon and Initial D second stage the anime finally captured on LDs.

Final Comment - this is a really interesting manga and anime and personally i loved it. It is funny, entertaining, upbeat, and very close to being a realistic story line. I seriously recommend this anime for many of the car enthusiaists out there or people who want to see an upbeat anime, or just plain and simple want to see some cool 3d effects mixed in with animation.
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