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Name: Dark Judgement (100.00% in 1 votes)
Type: FTG
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Unknown
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: Nameless

If you ever play the well known capcom's final fight series either in the arcade, at the console or on your desktop, the gameplay is very similar. Choose one of 3 characters and fight your way through tons of dogs, humans, even robots. Each character is somewhat different, Carlo is the quickest, Karl is the slowest but stronger, while matthew is somewhere in-between. Each will have a life guage, it will decrease when get beat up by the baddies or by any accidents. If the fist isn't doing enough damages, you can throw your enermis or perfrom some special moves with your control pad and attack button. When surround by a bunch of baddies, you can do a special move by pressing the attack/jump simultaneously, but the downside is that it'll eat up some of your health. Whenever you kill a baddie, most of the time, it will drop some golds that will increase your score, or occasionally food like items to repenish your health, which can also be found in crates or oil drums. Beside using your fist all the time, there are lots of weapons to use such as knifes, grenades, machine guns etc, even the boxes can be picked up and throw at your enermies.

The Good - Very simple to play, 3 level of differcultis and 5 speed settings, almost anyone can play it. Although, the graphics are abit outdated, the animations are smooth nonetheless.

The Bad - You'll have to kill alot of enermies before you can finish the game.

The Bottomline - If you still didn't get enough out of final fight series, then do some more thrashing with this one. Although one player is fun, play with a friend will make it twice as fun.
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