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Name: Samurai Shodown Warriors Rage 2 (73.33% in 3 votes)
Type: FTG
Platform: PSX
Company: SNK
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: Linglan

So the living horror continous! SNK have did again to cheat their customers money by using Nakoruru and Rimururu to get Samurai Shodown fans to buy this game. Very sad indeed...

The story takes place 20 years after the Samurai Spirit 2 from Hyper Neogeo 64. An island where Shogon keep their criminals have been overtaken by the people there. Only the strongest suivivre. A lot of people go there for many different reasons: revenge, fame, hate, etc. Just like same old story. ^_^

The only returning characters are Haomaru and Hanzo. Nakoruru and Rimururu are only availible in Pocket Station. Some new characters look very much like older one and some look like the one from Last Blade but still there is plenty of new one that have never been seem before. I must say that every character got their own style in clothing or attitude, quite cool. Everyone got a lot of moves but the only probleme is that very few of them will be useful in real fight. ~_~

All I can say is Polygone... still don't understand? I mean all those characters are Polygone...(except one because he is invisible...) Remember the game Toshinden 1? That game does way much better job than this one. I won't talk about characters anymore, it is just a nightmare. Background is nice 2D, not stunning but nice. Why I say that? Because compare with SFEX2+, you will notice the ground and background doesn't match pretty good but this one does. Also those 2D drawing are nice. Important thing to remember in this game, ONLY look at 2D.

It plays like Samurai Shodown 4 where you can use ABC then BCD again or grab. Each characters have 3 life bars, first one at full length then second one at 2/3 of length and final one at 1/3 of length. Gameplay won't last too long because every moves does huge damage. Most of the time you spend are waiting for game to load, very annoying. Everytime you lose in a fight and want rematch, you will have to wait until PS reload everyting. Not like SFEX2+, when you lose and want a rematch. It just give both characters full health and fight. Another annoying thing is the dialogue before the fight, there is no way to bypass this. I think that the game will load much FASTER when these are off.

This game use the same control from Last Blade, you got weak and strong slash, kick and dodge. Basicly, it is all the same. The real probleme in this game is the joystick motion detection. Let's me give an example: if you do a dragon punch motion with slash but move the joystick too upward, so it becomes a fireball. The game won't give anything but a slash. The game asks for perfect joystick motion but that is just impossible in real fight, players are just too busy to attack and defend.

Avoid this game like plague, I mean it. Only if you are diehard SNK fan or those who get sicken tire of SFEX's texture changing characters, you can try this one. It got STYLE. ^_^
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