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Name: Koudelka (80.00% in 3 votes)
Type: RPG
Platform: PSX
Company: SNK
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: Linglan

After many horrible releases from SNK for PS, SNK have finally come out with a descent one but not the best yet. The game "Koudelka" is a RPG but more toward AVG.

The game take place in 1898 where 3 persons meet at a masion for 3 different reasons: treasure, mission and rescure. Deeper you explore the game and more you will find out the truth about everyone's mission. The story is good in my opinion, it offers ENGLISH speech and japanese texts which is a great benefit for those who can't read Jap.

The background graphic is good but not stunning also a bit too dark. CG are good, so is the characters in battle. Very detail. The new technology use in game for live person motion really show off. The characters moves like real human, you can see very clearly when moving the characters around or in certain events.

The game plays like Parasite Eve with random encounter of monster where characters will be taking to battleground. The game offers 3 endings but you don't have to warried about forget to do something to get good ending because it will only happened at very end of game, not like Resident Evil where choosing a wrong dialogue resulting different endings beside you don't have to choose dialogue in this game. Some people find the control is crap, maybe they play too much Resident Evil because it is fine for me but I think most people complaint about the very precise movements to get some puzzles solve.

It likes SLG where every characters get a turn to fight so is the monster. Everyone battles in a 6x6 square, quite small. The faster characters got more turn then the slower characters. The character will get more attacks if he use the weapon more often or larger area effects for magic.

The game offers almost ZERO replay value because just like what I writed previously that only at very end there will be different if certain things doesn't do. So is the gameplay, very short, about 10~15 hours and it is finished. Another thing is the loading time in battle. Everytime when someone finishs casting a magic, everything will have to reload again which take about 5 sec and you will use a lot of magics, so do the calculation yourself.

I won't recommand it to everyone because it is short and bad but for those die hard SNK fans or those who loves story, this is the one to get. Quite entertaining I find.
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