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Name: Valkyrie Profile (89.09% in 11 votes)
Type: RPG
Platform: PSX
Company: Enix
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: Linglan

Enix, the creator of famous Dragon Warrior(Dragon Quest for Japanese), has come back with another superb RPG: Valkyrie Profile. It is 2D RPG with many new elements that haven't seen in any other RPG.

The Story

Since I don't understand japanese so I can't tell you what is the game talking about, but all I know is that the game use the characters from Scandinavian mythology like Odin, Loki, etc. In the game, you play as a Valkyrie named "Renas" who choose dead heroes and send them to Odin(your superior). The game offers 3 endings: Good, Normal and Bad. I would suggest go for Good because it offers some story while others offer nothing but explored dungeon.

The Graphic

The graphic is stunning, I never thought PS could make such beautiful 2D graphic. Well, guess I am wrong. All the background in the game are nice. The characters are very well animed. So is the Super magic that is casted in battle. No more ugly polygon with horrible texture.(we know PS have reach it limit...) It is replace by CG, very smart move ENIX and damn they are good. ^_^

The Gameplay

Where should I start? well, let's start with how the game progress. The game is divided into 8 chapters and in every chapters, you will have certain periode you can spend before the chapter end. You spend your periode by resting, visit certain event(recruiting souls) or exploring dungeons.

In the world map, you are allow to move freely to anywhere. Press Start button and Renas will search for any events or dungeons, so player will have more place to visit. Also you are allow to create Potion, Weapon, Armor and Accessory by using Materialize Point. And the most important thing, Transfer the soul to Odin. It will make Odin happy. ~_~

In the dungeon, it play like super mario but with way much better graphic. You are allow to certain special moves like slash your monsters(gain first attack in the battle), jump, duck, slide, push, pull, pick up things and the most important one: create ice crystal. It helps you to go to some hidden treasures or freeze monsters to avoid battle. To make thing more challenging, you are only allow to save in save point. If you lose in battle, you leave the dungeon and waste your periode.

In the town with no monster, Renas will dress like civillian. Only few things she can do: walk, talk and jump. Usually visiting the place where you recruiting a soul(haven't send to Odin yet) will trigger a small event and often the soul will return with an item. ^_^

In the battle. (this is the fun part of the game. ^_^)
Battle can only be trigger by touching or slashing the monster. Only 4 characters from player are allow to battle(Renas must present in battle alive otherwise the battle ends in 3 turn and you lose) and it is run in turn base like many other RPG. The 4 characters are presented by the 4 buttons on your joypad. Every button that you press will give one of them the command to attack. Planning the buttons careful because the attack are in realtime. (I will show it in a clip for more clear explaination) Every characters will have a maximun 3 attacks(you can press button 3 times) but that depend on what weapon the character equipe with. Some weapons only offer 1 or 2 attacks. To offer player more reward in battle, if you are able to knock the monster in air and still combo it, it will drop Magic Gem which give you 5% more exp and the maximun you can get in a battle is 200% ^_^ while combo the monster laying on ground will give you Magic Jewel that will take away the CT(you must none of these to cast magic, use inventory or Super). If you are able to combo the monster and get your rage gauge to 100, then you are allow to use Super for the characters that hit the monster in that combo. Those Super looks nice. ^_^

After every boss fight, there will be some treasures left to offer to Odin. You are allow to keep it but it will make Odin a little unhappy. ~_~


The game offer stunning graphic and fun gameplay. If you are a RPG fan, you can't miss this one. But for those who wants story, I really can't tell if there is any... beside if you go for Good ending. Usually all I got is explore dungeon and I can't see any related to story. Still it is a excellent game. I recommand to everyone.

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