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Name: Hentai Anime Poker (Jast Poker) (70.95% in 21 votes)
Type: FUN
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Jast/Tiara/Purple
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: Bozar

"You've been invited by your friends Gen and Wendy to a friendly get-together at their new apartment, and will be joined by two more of their friends, Lisa and Irene. Gen gets the great idea of playing strip poker. The sake in your blood makes you weak, and you agree...

A few hands into the game, the doorbell rings. Carrying another tall bottle of sake, in stride six of the most beautiful women you've ever seen. Gen and Wendy smile as they introduce the girls to you as friends from Wendy's university. Wendy is studying Japanese, and these girls are part of a Japanese Friendship Club she belongs to.

Seeing the cards on the floor and the half-state of undress of you and the girls, Yumi asks what's going on. "Oh, it was Gen's idea," laughs Irene. "Strip Poker." Ushiko and Rumi immediately speak up, asking to be dealt in. Yumi and Madoka, the shy ones in the group, don't want to even entertain the idea, but the others prevail.

Sake is warmed in a pan and passed around, as the other girls get settled in and game rules are reviewed. A warm glow pervades the room, and the sake makes everyone giddy. Looking at the three aces in your latest hand, you can't believe your luck. You fervently hope your throbbing cock can contain itself as the game continues..." - Jast Website

Hentai Anime Poker, which is also known as Jast Poker, is a strip poker game. You can play against up to 3 other girls. When a player runs low on money, they must give up a piece of clothing to get more money. The player can also buy back a piece of clothing if they get enough back. If a player runs out of money, they must sit through the rest of the game naked. Don't worry you don't really see yourself naked, the picture of you is just a black shaped person. Most of the girls came from famous animes (sailor moon, evangelian). Which does make the game a bit more intresting.

Gameplay (6/10) - The gameplay is pretty good. You can choose between 5 card stud, 5 card draw, 7 card draw, Texas Hold 'em and straight poker. The game itself is very hard. Sometimes when i think i'm winning, the other girl strikes back and gets everything. But after a while it does get kind of boring.

Graphics (2/10) - The pictures are extremely bad considering what i'm paying for this game. There are only 10 girls if i buy the expansion. The picture are basically badly drawn kiss files. There are some movements (blinking, arm movements) but the pictures look like they are drawn with colored pencils. Jast should have spend more time and try harder to make the pictures look better. Plus the most of the girls look just damn ulgy. There are just too many turn offs about the graphics.

Music (1/10) - There is no music in this game. there is just some sound effects during the game (ante, card sounds, etc...).

Overall (3/10) - I don't suggest anyone buy this game. The price right now is about $25 and the expansion is around $12. Which is totally NOT worth it. If you want to play poker that badly i suggest you go download some poker game from for free.
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